31 Ways To Overcome Burnout

31 Ways To Overcome Burnout – An everyday survival guide.

Bloggers love a challenge, and many of us will start a month long challenge to blog every day with great gusto.

 More often than not,  life gets in the way and we stumble and stop.

This time it is going to be different. Not only do we have to post every day, each post has to be on the same topic.

My first reaction was, you have got to be joking, that is impossible.

Much to my surprise, it took me all of 10 minutes to pick my topic.

Burnout is a bitch, and I am living it right now. So it is time to practice what I preach, pull out all the knowledge I have learned, and not only use all the tools myself, but hopefully help others along the way.

31 Ways To Overcome Burnout

We live in a world full of modern contraptions that do everything for us, but so many of us are totally exhausted and overwhelmed.

So much to do, not enough time.

Our happiness and health are suffering.

Anxiety and frustration rule our moods and decisions.

I am a single mum, with two gorgeous teen girls. I have a job, I blog, I write for others. I have to keep food on the table. Our house is for sale so I have to keep it spotlessly clean. I am a neat freak. I am a perfectionist. I am a ‘taxi’ driver. I am chief accountant. I am the filing clerk. I struggle to relax. I feel guilty if I sit and read for a while. I have a hard time saying no, and I am just like so many others. We are all trying to be wonder women and it is wearing us down.

Burnout is self-inflicted. Only with love, nurturing, some clever organising and nutritional support can we help our bodies turn off the excessive flow of cortisol flooding our systems.

Well I am over it, and I hope you are too!

Let this journey begin!

Affirmation – “I am worthy and I deserve a life filled with happiness and joy

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27 thoughts on “31 Ways To Overcome Burnout

  1. I’m also in burnout mode – both self-inflicted and from external forces. I look forward to reading your thoughts over this month. I don’t doubt I’ll recognize some of those observations in myself!


  2. whew! Great topic.. one that we don’t hear about too much but I think it’s so important! I’m writing about being a caregiver and so burnout is definitely relevant. Been there-done that- hope to never be so burnt out again.
    Hope you have a month full of insights & refreshment!

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