Never Give Up!

never give up

Day 31 – 31 Ways To Overcome Burnout!

Never Give Up On Your Dream!

If you don’t know what your dream is, go and find it!

Get very clear on how you want your life to look, write it down, commit it to memory and then go and get it!

Visualize it, talk about it, see it, feel it.

Working yourself to the bone for others, or to simply please others has to stop.

Your happiness must be your priority.

Your happiness will increase the happiness of everyone around you.

Life is not meant to be hard work, struggle and exhaustion. We create that world and we can also create a new one.

Stop settling for second best, I am over it and you must be to.

Let’s do this….

THE END – Thirty one posts in thirty one days, it’s a big commitment, one that I have never actually managed before.

This time I did it, even though it took a few catch up days, the last one is right on time.

This month has been one of my toughest, with some pretty revolting things happening, I have had every excuse in the book to call it quits and try again another time.

On some days it was a struggle to get the posts done, but on other days it was a welcome therapeutic distraction, and the words came out with such ease, even though my head was in turmoil.

Congratulations to everyone that actually finished, it is an amazing feat and you should feel so proud.

To those that didn’t, I have been there and done that, and there will be more challenges in the future, try again until you succeed.

Wishing everyone of you a life of fun, ease and joy!

For the full wrap up of all 31 posts, please start here!

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