Handy Hints For Moving House Locally!

WWHQ has a new home!

After blogging every day in October, it’s been 19 days since my last post.

Moving house will do that to you!

It’s been 4 years since my last move, but I have had plenty of practice.

BUT I forgot how much energy it takes to pack everything up, clean a house from top to toe and unpack everything at the other end.

Even though I am totally exhausted, it was so worth it, WWHQ is just lovely.

We have more space, better storage and I not only have my creative space, but a spare room for ironing etc, rather than having to have it all in together. The two Miss WW’s even have their own dance room thanks to a family room with closing doors that we don’t need for any other purpose.

Wonderfully Women HQ

My creative space is clear of clutter and has a lovely view outside.

Here are some handy hints to help make a local move quicker and easier.

1. Start packing the minute you know you are moving.

2. Start with ornaments, books and items that are used infrequently.

3. Give everyone an ’emergency’ box or bag. Use them for papers, chargers, school books, favorite toys, keys, cash, anything that you do not want to misplace and could need access to.

4. Don’t pack up clothes, simply put your wardrobe in your car, drive it to the new home and hang it straight up.

5. Do the same with most of your kitchen, I had a few flat boxes and pieces of paper which I would fill with plates, glasses etc. Unpack them straightaway, then take the boxes and paper back to refill for the next run.

5. Don’t use boxes for shoes, handbags etc. A bag of ‘tuff stuff’ garbage bags got filled with these items and got taken straight over and put away. They will survive quite a few trips before breaking.

5. I refuse to pay for boxes when on any given day at work, 100’s get put through the crusher. I was very particular about the ones I used. Long banana boxes and super tough tomato and orange ones were the winners. They are so strong that you can fill them and stack them as high as you like. They also come with a lid that fits completely over the base, so you don’t have to tape them shut. Get friendly with your local green grocer or supermarket and ask them to save them for you. Due to their size no matter what you pack in them, just about anyone can lift them.

6. If you know any builders, architects, designers etc (luckily I do), see if you can get hold of a roll or two of waste paper that they have printed plans on but are now obsolete. The back side is white, so everything you wrap does not need to be washed or wiped at the other end. It is also nice and thick which keeps things safe. I did not break a single item on this move, yay!

7. Dust or wash everything before you pack it. Everything is then fresh and ready for placement in your new house. Makes unpacking quicker.

8. Have lot’s of water bottles ready to go. Moving is thirsty work, especially on warm days.

9. Organise electricity, phone, gas and insurance the minute you have your new address, saves extensive delays in establishing basic services.

10. Call in help from friends to move as many boxes as possible before the final moving day. This allowed us room on the removalist truck to take care of our large pot plants. You can save money by moving yourself, but people can be unreliable with promises of help, and you also risk a friend or family member getting injured lifting heavy items.

11. Keep the kettle, coffee machine and necessary supplies until the last minute, have a carton of long life milk, and at least you can make a cuppa at the other end. OR a bottle of scotch would also be a good idea!

12. Keep cash handy for a coffee, snack or meal run, that you will inevitably need.

13. Have someone else do a final walk through your home and garden, it is amazing what you can miss, as you are just so used to everything you have around you.

14. Have a least 2 esky’s ready for when you have to empty your fridge/s. Good quality ones will keep things cold until you can reload them at the other end.

15. Most of all find your happy face, moving is incredibly stressful and exhausting, keeping happy amongst the chaos does make the day more bearable.

I am so glad that is all done, the boxes are unpacked, two trips to the tip and all the cardboard is gone.

Time for scotch right now I think!

What is your handiest moving tip?

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