Clever Home Renovations That Can Save You Money!

Clever Home Renovations That Can Save You Money! 

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Mention the words ‘home renovations’ and people will think about new kitchens, bathrooms or a coat of paint. All of these will add value to your home, but you will not see any financial gain until you actually sell the property. If you have no intentions of selling and up and moving in the near future, why not consider renovations that will save you money from the day they are complete. Get the job done right the first time by calling in expert help from companies such as Roofmasters.


Handy helpers up on your roof!


Having just moved house, one big difference I have noticed is that my large kitchen is smack bang in the middle of the house and is quite dark. Even though there are two large glass doors close by, natural light is restricted due to the roof line covering the outdoor area. To read a recipe or instructions on a packet I really need to put a light on. In my last house I had a skylight that allowed light to filter through until it was dark. Even on a grey day you don’t need artificial light until nightfall. Natural light is kinder on the eye and completely free once installed!


Heating and cooling your home to a comfortable temperature can add to your power bill in a big way. Insulation helps to stabilise the temperature inside your home and trap in the efforts of your heater or air conditioner.  That is why you never find insulation being added to a garage, as the heat emitted from car engines would remain for longer than necessary. Helping you to stay warmer in winter and cooler in summer, good quality insulation is an investment that pays off immediately in reduced energy bills. To further help the heat escape from your roof, Whirlybirds can reduce the temperature by up to 15C, and again they do this without the need for power.


It is easy to overlook your gutters until a heavy downpour lands on your roof and water starts cascading over the sides. Keeping your gutters clear of leaves is a painstaking and often dangerous task. Allowing leaf litter to gather in your gutters can cause them to rust prematurely, hinders prompt release of water down into the drains and if your home is ever under the threat of fire, burning embers can set it alight. Leaf guard will keep your gutters 99% free of leaf build up and will reduce the chances of vermin entering in to your roof. Leaf Guard is definitely an investment that saves time and money.


Roofs tend to be forgotten about and their condition very rarely checked. Broken or cracked tiles are often the result of storm damage or simply aging after years of being exposed to the elements. One crack can lead to major internal damage if water is able to get through. Having your roof checked, the mortar repointed and if necessary the tiles cleaned and resealed will cost considerably less than having to replace tiles that are no longer safe. Give your home a super facelift and know your roof will keep you safe and dry.

Most of these home renovations are not really suited to the home handyman. Calling in professionals can save you time and money in the long run. They know exactly what they are doing and offer you peace of mind and protection in the event of mishaps occurring. Investing in your home to keep it safe is worth so much more than just a new coat of paint!

What was the last renovation work you carried out on your home?

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