5 Things To Do Right Now For A Relaxed Christmas

There is nothing like being stuck at home with a broken toe to find time to do things that have been neglected and my blog is on that list. I have weathered the covid storm and whilst lucky to have an essentials services job, its been tough and exhausting going to work with all the extra stress and unrealistic expectations placed on all of us by our employer.

This year has been tough for everyone in some way and whilst Australia breathes a little easier right now with Covid numbers being so low, we know that could all change in a flash.

I for one am ready to sprinkle this festive season with all the glitter and sequins I can muster as I want this year to end with lots of sparkle and then I look forward to giving it a good kick up the butt and sending it on it’s merry way!

Being organised helps keep me calm, lists help me to not forget things, and I need this Christmas to fun and joyful knowing everything is under control and if you would like to feel the same way, grab a notebook, a pen and a cuppa and make this thing happen.


Crossing things off a list is very satisfying, so write down all the things and keep each area on a separate sheet because if the list is too long its tempting to not use it at all as its so overwhelming. Start with these ones:-

  • Gifts to buy
  • Wrapping/cards supplies
  • Food to prepare
  • Travel arrangements
  • Pantry supplies
  • Freezer supplies
  • Drinks supplies
  • Decorations needed
  • Anything else that is specific to your festivities.

With the Black Friday sales about to start and with most running right through the weekend, its the perfect time to get that present shopping done and dusted at the best price.


It’s been a disastrous year for many families and businesses, and more than ever we need to spend our money wisely and support our own.

I appreciate that due to high productions costs in Australia so many companies have had to rely on foreign countries for their stock and so many of our iconic companies are owned by overseas investors, but we can all make a conscious effort to read labels or buy handmade. Everything we do buy in Australia is helping to feed a family and giving someone a job.

One of the saddest things that I watch unfold everyday is the huge number of items on the supermarket shelves that are filled with produce from overseas. Almost all the tin/frozen products that are labelled under the house brands of our major supermarkets are now coming from China, and I for one will NOT eat anything like that to save a dollar or two. Even big brand names like Edgell are sneaking Chinese corn into can thinking we may not notice….well I have!

AND don’t get me started on bacon as you really need to get your detective hat on to find bacon that actually uses Aussie pork. We live in a country that produces awesome produce and meat, we need to eat it and help our farmers survive and be able to feed all of us.

Here are a couple of really good Facebook pages/groups to follow if you want ideas for products that are good to buy and will support our local industries.

Australian Made Products – click here

Make The Swap – click here

Australian Made & Owned Food – click here

One Day Closer To Rain – Rural Cottage Crafts – click here

I am sure there are plenty more, but these three are full of great products to help you purchase wisely.


None of us are going to forget the great toilet paper debacle of 2020 in a hurry and walking into a modern day supermarket to see nothing but almost empty shelves was kind of eerie.

Just last week a small cluster broke out in South Australia and once again they raced to the shops and started clearing the shelves, honestly you would really think we had learned that if we all buy what we need there is enough to go around.

On that note though, starting to stock your pantry with non-perishable items now could hold you in good stead should another cluster arise in your neighborhood. It also spreads the financial pain over a few weeks instead of that big hit in the final week.

That goes for decorations, table displays and disposable dinner wear, cups etc. Its amazing how many people are so disappointed that there is little or no stock available just a few days before Christmas when they go to buy all the things.

Enjoy having a full selection of items to pick from and start shopping for anything that wont go off now.


If you need to make appointments for December, do them now so you don’t miss out. Will you need the services of any of these in the lead up to the big day?

  • Hairdresser
  • Nail Technician
  • Beauty Therapist
  • Car Servicing
  • New Tires
  • Air conditioning Service
  • Doctors for medication scrips or check ups.

Add anything else that you think you might need to that list and get those dates locked in.


This will be the first year that I will break with my tradition and put up my decorations before the 1st of December, and I know I am not the only one.

We all need some cheering up and nothing does it better that twinkling lights, shiny baubles and lots of glitter.

My other favourite part of Christmas is the scents and I have essential oil burners, melts and candles in action every night during December. They are so warming and inviting, and I am ready for it all.

Get the family involved, and I am pretty sure the kids will not mind one little bit. If you already have yours up, congratulations and I hope they are filling your day with joy!

Stay safe and healthy and lets roll through the last month of this horrid year with as much fun and festivity that we can muster!

xxxx Nikki

What is your favourite Christmas tradition?

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  1. Hi Nikki,
    That is a great article and so well written. I know I am Your Mumma and probably a bit biased but I feel other people will appreciate Your written word.
    Love Mum

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