Creating A Blissful Bedroom

Create a blissful bedroom

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You spend so much time in bed, creating a blissful bedroom is a priority for your health and wellbeing.

Turning your bedroom into your own private haven, will invite relaxation and sound sleep.

It is not about 400 count designer sheets and 10 decorator pillows, it is about ensuring the energy in your bedroom is able to flow and refresh continually.

Your bedroom is the one room in your home or apartment that MUST be clutter free.

Piles of dirty clothes, pairs of shoes tossed off your feet into the corner, mountains of books or magazines you want to read, electronic gadgets, anything relating to your work and an over abundance of knick knacks have to go!

Here are some great Feng Shui tips that will help you invite in good energy and allow it to refresh and invigorate you whilst you sleep.

– Always open your window and allow fresh air to flow through the room. Even in the middle of winter. Just for a few minutes is better than nothing.

– Keep the windows clean and sparkling, they are the ‘eyes’ of your home and you want to be able to see clearly.

– Ensure your bedroom is as dark as possible whilst you sleep. The darkness reminds your brain it is switch off time and this promotes deeper sleep.

– Always sleep with your bed head up against a solid wall for ‘support’. If your bed has a window behind or above it, at least ensure you have very heavy drapes to pull over at night.

– Position your bed so when you look up you can see the bedroom door, and never sleep with your feet pointing directly out the door.

– Exposed beams on your roof ‘cut’ your energy, at the very least paint them the same colour as the ceiling, or even better cover them with fabric.

– Try and keep as much electronic equipment at least 1 metre from your bed.

– Avoid using too much red or hot pink in your décor as this colour is too stimulating.

– Keep pictures of your children out of your bedroom, this is your space.

– Decorate in pairs, such as two bedside lamps to keep the energy balanced.

– Always keep the toilet seat down and the ensuite door closed. Bathrooms are basically big drains and you need to close the flow or all your good luck is going down the drain.

Look after your bedroom and it will look after you. If things are dirty and shabby, that is exactly how you will feel.

Your body does all it’s repair and maintenance whilst you sleep.

Make your bedroom your special sanctuary, you deserve it.

Tell me the truth, how does your bedroom look right now?

For the full list of handy hints start here!

7 thoughts on “Creating A Blissful Bedroom

  1. Thanks for the advice! We currently sleep with our head under the window, as our bedroom is very awkward but I can’t seem to fit all the furniture in there unless it is the way it is now…we have a rough burlap curtain and open the windows every night, in a way it kind of feels like we are camping.

    1. Hi Christina, lot’s of people do love exposed beams as they are often seen as a feature point in a room. With all feng shui it about how you feel about things and if you love them, have them in your room then that is ok.

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