Scentual Support For Stress

Day 6 – 31 Ways To Overcome Burnout

Natures pharmacy provides a beautiful selection of Pure Essential Oils that are one of the easiest stress relieving tools that you can use!

If you can light a candle, add some water to the dish and add 6 drops of oil into a burner, you are good to go. If you have a electric vaporiser then it is even easier to get some stress relief fast.

essential oils for natural stress relief

This one of my favourite burners at home as it has a lovely deep dish.

Essential Oils will work silently in the background, filling your home or office with a delightful fragrance that will physically help to calm you and support you.

If you have never used Pure Essential Oils before, here is the simple way to start.

You will need a ‘burner’, tea light candles and some oils.

Lavender is the best single oil that you can have in your home. Not only is it a powerful relaxant, it has exceptional anti-bacterial properties, so can be used on cuts, bites and stings. Lavender is also a very safe oil for all members of the family. If the kids are hyperactive or angry, Lavender can be a great way to calm them down quickly.

Another popular option is to purchase a ready made ‘blend’. My favourite go-to blend is Relaxation by InEssence (Australian brand). Most Pure Essential Oil Suppliers will have something similar. This is a delightful blend of Lavender, Bergamot, Geranium, Marjoram and Cedarwood. I will often create my own blends, but right now, it is all about making things easier and these ready made blends take the guess work out of the equation as the blending is done for you. Simply add 6 drops of oil into water and light the tea light.

Another quick way to use Pure Essential Oils is to add 3 drops to a tissue or makeup removal pad and tuck it in to your bra.

A few safety notes for use of Pure Essentials Oils:-

I am not a medically trained doctor, and are not recommending Pure Essential Oils as a replacement for any medical treatment you are currently receiving from a certified Practicioner.

Only use Pure Essential Oils from a reputable supplier. The fragrant oils available from discount stores have no therapeutic value and are designed to smell nice.

Always make sure that your burner is placed in a safe position, away from little hands that might grab it or knock it.

Regularly check your burner to make sure there is still water in the dish and it has not all evaporated.

Treat your Pure Essential Oils just like you would pharmacy medications, safely kept away from children’s reach.

Do not use more than 6 drops of Pure Essential Oil at any one time. Oils are expensive and excessive use is a waste of good money.

Do you use Essential Oils for health and wellbeing or have you never been game to venture into the wonderful world of Aromatherapy?

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