Save Time And Shop Online!

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Grocery Shop Online

Your time is precious, embrace online shopping with open arms!

Not only will you save time, you will save money.

Grocery shopping takes time, not only do you have to drive to the supermarket, you have to find a park, you have to battle the other customers and you have to stand in at the check out. Add up how much time that trip would take you.

The other option is to spend a few minutes setting up an online account will Woolworths or Coles and add the items you wish to purchase, pick a delivery time that suits you, pay for your shopping cart, then sit back and relax! Your groceries will be delivered to your kitchen bench. The next time you log in to place an order, the clever computer will have saved your previous orders, so your favourite items that you stock up on regularly just need a tick and they are in your cart!

It does cost a little more but your time is also valuable. To get the best value from shopping online, read this post before you place your first order!

The joys of online shopping extend way beyond groceries.

Have your champagne, golf balls, makeup, books, magazines or clothes delivered to your door. You can also save a ton of cash, many online stores offer better prices as they don’t have to pay expensive shopping centre rents. Then there is that little thing called impulse shopping that eats away at your time and your bank balance. You walk past a few shops, get enticed in and the credit card is swiped before you can blink.

I absolutely love shopping. Retail therapy is good therapy for me, but not when I have a big list of things I need to get. Then it simply becomes a chore. I am a bargain queen and truly hate paying full price for anything. Online shopping grew as a favourite way for me to save time, when I would do some price checks and would often be able to get something I had my eye on for less money. I simply call that winning!

It feels like Christmas some days in the house with the amount of goodies Australia Post drop off. Miss WW saves a fortune buying makeup from overseas and honestly not many days go by between drop offs to this house.

If possible, always pay with Paypal, especially if purchasing from overseas. Should things not turn up or not be satisfactory, lodging a dispute with Paypal will have your money refunded quite quickly. Using Paypal also protects your credit card number, that alone is reason enough to use this service.

Do you shop online and what is your favourite store?

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