Hydration = Happy

hydration = happy

┬áDay 4 – 31 Ways To Overcome Burnout

You will have heard it a thousand times, drink more water!

Dehydration will often be mistaken for hunger, leading to eating more than necessary.

Give your body ample water and it will run at optimal level, with increased energy, improved brain function, cells will more effectively be able to remove toxins and your kidneys will eliminate waste quickly.

When you have that 3 o’clock slump, a couple of large glasses of water will wake you up so much better than a coffee or cola.

Keep a bag of mixed berries and some lemon or lime slices

in the freezer. Pop a little of each into your water bottle each morning and as you sip keep topping up with filtered water. It makes water so much more palatable and easier to drink.


This recipe adds some extra clout to the effectiveness of water. It will help your body flush out toxins and reduce the build up of acidity in your system that can lead to inflammation (ie. PAIN!) and will increase your metabolism.

Ideally you should drink this first thing in the morning, but I start work very early each day and simply cannot face it at the horrid hour that I am getting up. Instead, I have started making this before I start cooking dinner and then just sip away.

In a large water bottle add:-

Luke warm water almost to the top, 1 – 2 tablespoons of organic Apple Cider Vinegar and two slices of lemon.

Give it a gentle shake and then drink until finished.

It is always preferable to drink water that is filtered as the tap water contains a collection of chemicals and travels for miles through pipes of who knows what standard. Give bottled water a miss unless you are out and about, it is ridiculously expensive and so many petrochemicals are used in the production of the bottles, it is pretty crappy for our environment.

If you are not drinking much water, take a few days to build up to at least 8 glasses a day. When you can go to the toilet and your urine is at least almost clear, you have found the perfect amount for you.

Happy sipping!

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