Watch Your Words

Day 27 – 31 Ways To Overcome Burnout!

Words are powerful. They shape your reality.

How many times each day do you talk yourself down?

I am tired, I am lonely, I am exhausted, I am not good enough, I am not rich enough, I am not skinny enough…….

It goes on and on, especially during times of stress.

We compare, we judge, we complain about the current state of our life.

Every time we do this, we let the universe know we don’t think we are good enough.


I AM…..

Every thought or sentence that starts with ‘I am’ sends an exact vibration. It is a definite statement. There is no grey area, you are clearly stating something good or something bad that is occurring at this very minute.

Affirming what you do want, helps the brain to focus on finding a way to get just that.

Make a list of everything you would love to be, have or do. Then create an ‘I am’ statement that reflects you already being, having or doing what ever it is you desire. Keep this list handy and recite them often, either in your thoughts or out loud.

Here is a few powerful ones to help you get started. Adjust them to perfectly fit you if necessary, or add them to your list.

‘I am healthy’

‘I am happy’

‘I am healed’

‘I am successful’

‘I am loving my new…..’

‘I am worthy’

‘I am amazing’

‘I am open to new opportunities’

‘I am abundant’

‘I am relaxed’

‘I am calm’

‘I am finding perfect solutions’

‘I am creative’

‘I am more than good enough’

Write a new story.

Create a new focus on positive outcomes.

Stop talking yourself down, life is not meant to be one long endless struggle to get through each day.

Use the power of words to your advantage.

You really are worth it!

There are lot’s more tips to help you here.

6 thoughts on “Watch Your Words

  1. What great ideas for learning positive self-talk. It’s so very important that we ignore the negative and focus on the positive in order to have a good relationship with ourselves (for without that, we can’t have a good relationship with others!)

  2. Wow, you are right. One time I shared some of my negative self-talk (I am the queen of it!) with my husband. He couldn’t believe it and told me, “I don’t think any of that about you. In fact, I think the opposite!” I was really surprised–I hadn’t realized how toxic it can be. Thanks for a good reminder.

  3. Great post! I love this list! I am going to go write these things out too. It is amazing how easy negative self talk is and how we have to make an effort to speak positively to ourselves. Thanks for this!

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