Right Here, Right Now!

Day 28 – 31 Ways To Overcome Burnout!

So you have a lot on your plate.

Constantly juggling things and trying to get it all done.

You come down hard on yourself when things don’t work out right. In your head you go over these things again and again wishing the outcome was different.

You worry and plan for what might happen tomorrow, next week or next month.

Do you ever stop just for a minute and enjoy exactly what you see, smell and hear without thinking of the past or the future?


Where are you right now?

Are you reliving the past or stressing about the future?

A quick and effective way to bring a wave of calm to your day, is to simply BE right here, right now.

Take a few deep breathes and relax into your chair.

Focus on what is around you in this instant.

What can you see, what can you hear, what can you feel?

Enjoy seeing the sun shine, the rain falling or snow covering the ground.

Listen to the birds tweeting away, or plane flying over head, or a car driving by.

Admire the leaves on the trees or the flowers on a bush.

Taste the drink or food you may have in front of you.

Feel the chair supporting you.

The work, the washing, the cooking, the dusting can all wait.

Enjoy this minute right now!

Make it more than one minute.

Don’t let the past or the future come into the picture.

Look around you, what have you got to be grateful for in this minute.

Give thanks for everything you do have.

Relaxing in to this minute, will invite more relaxing minutes in to your life.

Just let the world wait, it’s not going anywhere soon!

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