Are You Feeding Your Anxiety?


Day 29 – 31 Ways To Overcome Burnout!

Are you walking a tightrope everyday?

Anxiety, stress and worry affect more of us than we care to admit.

Trying to be awesome and please everyone can take it’s toll and the food we eat can fuel the fire even more.

Sweet tooth’s, I here you!

There is nothing better than downing a chocolate or 10 when the going gets tough, but there is a price to pay for constant indulgence in those yummy morsels plus a few other favorites that can be our go-to when the going gets tough.

How many of these are on your ‘A’ list?

COFFEE can be a ‘must have’ for your daily survival. More than three cups a day can lead to shakiness, insomnia and heart palpitations. Whilst great for the liver, it does put extreme stress on your adrenal glands that can make you feel exhausted.

ENERGY DRINKS can give you an instant hit of energy, but with up to 5 serves of caffeine in each can, they are better on the shelf than in your body.

SUGAR  has had a lot of bad press of late and rightly so. Whilst providing an energy spike, it also creates a spike in your cortisol levels which is the stress hormone and it can be a major player in increased inflammation which hurts.

HOT CHIPS if cooked in hydrogenated trans fats can double your risk of suffering from depression or anxiety.

FAST FOOD is laden with sugar and fat and virtually no nutritional benefits, so they are the double whammy additions to the problem.

ALCOHOL and relaxation often go hand in hand, but in reality, it causes your body to release adrenalin. This triggers the flight-or-fight reaction as blood sugar levels drop and dehydration occurs. Your body thinks it is under attack and that is very stressful.

SOFT DRINK can contain up to 13 teaspoons of sugar and without a single bit of nutrition offered for it’s consumption, life is much better without it.

In a perfect world, no-one in their right mind would consume anything off the above list.

BUT I have no intentions of giving them all away.

Indulging occasionally is fun, consuming regularly is madness!

Fill the majority of your diet with fresh food and enjoy a little bit of naughty every now and then.

Your body will thank you!

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