Tips for preventing sports injuries

Tips for preventing sports injuries!

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Playing a weekend sport is a great way to keep fit, reduce the stress of the working week and meet new people and friends. Unfortunately, it can also be a not-so-welcome opportunity for injury. If sport is your weekend activity of choice, a serious injury can have dire consequences, maybeeven resulting in having to take any substantial time off work to recover. If this has happened to you, immediately seek advice from injury compensation professionals, like Turner Freeman Gold Coast , to see if any income protection remedies are open to you.



Prevention is the best cure for sporting injuries. So in the interest of keeping you at work or on the field and off the hospital gurney, here are a few things you should consider to avoid painful, and perhaps costly, sporting injuries.

Warm Up

Cold ligaments, tendons and muscles are highly vulnerable to injury so it is important to always warm up with stretches and other activities before playing any sports or undertaking strenuous exercise such as running. A few stretching exercises after waring up will ensure your tendons are ready for anything you put them through.

Be Properly Equipped

There is a reason the different sports use various equipment. One size does not always fit all. Make sure you have the correct equipment for the game. Similarly, any safety gear such as helmets, support tape, mouthguards, eyewear and wrist, elbow, knee and shin guards should be the right size and properly fitted.

A Safe Playing Environment

Make sure the playing field or other environment is safe, free of hazards such as rocks, pot holes or sharp objects. Avoid playing in wet weather, where you are likely to slip or slide into barriers, fences or goal posts.

Follow the Rules of the Game

The rules of the game are there to ensure the sport is played fairly and both teams are on a level playing field (both literally and figuratively). They are also written to keep players safe from accidents and harm. The more you deviate from the rules and regulations, the more likely someone is going to get hurt.

Stay Hydrated

Make sure you have adequate water or other appropriate rehydrating drink on hand before, during and after the game, particularly in hot weather. Fluid loss through sweat during a game can make players susceptible to heat stroke, cramps and other stresses. Dehydration can make players lose concentration and make mistakes. A fatigued player is more likely to be injured.

Consider Strapping

If you have a limb or joint that is a bit weak as a result of previous injuries, consider strapping it for added support. Similarly, if you play a game where an arm or leg, while healthy, repeatedly gets hit or stressed during the game, tape can provide a bit of a buffer that could avoid more serious, longer-term injury.

Most injuries can easily be prevented. You just need to take a little care and a few precautions and your weekend game won’t end up costing you dearly in money and time off work.

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