How To Pack Light For Your Next Trip!

how to pack light for your next trip

Holidays are just around the corner and is so exciting to head off and leave routine and alarm clocks behind. One thing that can be very stressful is trying to decide what to wear whilst you are away as baggage restrictions will not let you take your whole wardrobe with you unfortunately. After spending 13 years as a corporate travel consultant I have learnt a few tricks about how to make a mini mobile wardrobe work hard so you can look stylish everyday!

Last weekend was an extra long one for me, in 5 days I had 3 hours of train travel to get from Brisbane to the Sunshine Coast for a wedding, a flight from Maroochydore to Sydney, two different hotels in two nights and a flight home to Brisbane. I had to lug my suitcase everywhere myself so I was determined to make my smallest suitcase work so that I did not exceed the 15 kg weight limit nor break my back lifting and pulling it around the country!


Work out what your favourite colours are and pick one or two to work with as a base. Ideally you want 2 or 3 tops that can be paired with one pair of pants, shorts or a skirt. I chose black and white as my base, as this classic combination always looks fresh and classy.

vivid international clothing

(Both tops and sheer black cardigan are from Vivid International and white cami from Big W.)

Consider pants with elastic waist bands as they are much more comfortable if your travel requires a lot of sitting and you don’t need to pack belts.

Don’t forget leggings for supreme comfort. They are light weight and can be worn under long pants if you are heading somewhere cold.

Select drip dry fabrics that can be quickly hand washed at night and hung up in the shower to dry ready for another wear.

Use jewellery to add pops of colour or to glam up at night.

Don’t pack shoes that are not super comfy or cannot be worn with multiple outfits as they take up too much space and are quite heavy.

Limit yourself to one cardigan or jacket in a neutral colour that will go with everything.


Roll each outfit into a tight sausage shape and wrap in cling wrap. This will not only keep clothes fresh, but you will not have to iron them.

Buy mini size toiletries or decant your favourites into small travel bottles.

Stuff socks into shoes to help them hold their shape.

Pack a small snap lock bag of washing powder for hand washing clothes mid trip.

Pack underwear into snap lock bags with the air expelled. Worn items can be put back into the bags until you get a chance to wash them.

Use a pretty cosmetic bag for your make-up that can double as an evening bag if needed.

Take medication out of the boxes and put the sheets into a small pouch.


Vivid International fashion

(Top from Vivid International and pants from W.Lane)

I was gifted a selection of the Spring/Summer range from Vivid International for editorial consideration. Each piece has been so comfortable to wear and they travelled beautifully. I am wearing size 16 and they are a generous fit. There are over 350 boutiques in Australia and New Zealand and you can find your closest one here.

What is your favourite packing tip?

Are you heading away for the holidays this year?

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10 thoughts on “How To Pack Light For Your Next Trip!

  1. Great tips Nikki and ones I follow too. I have fallen in love with packing cubes because they allow me to keep like items together. I would always add a scarf or two as well as jewellery – they freshen up a limited outfit and can add extra warmth and/or sun protection.

  2. Great suggestions. I’m going to NZ for 5 days in December and was only planning on taking cabin luggage and them my SIL reminded me that meant I couldn’t pack any liquids – perfume, deodorant etc…. in my bag, so I think I’ll opt for a small bag but check in through.

    1. You can take liquids as long as each item is not more than 100ml. For a 5 day trip mini sizes of everything should work really well.

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