How To Pick The Perfect Lipstick Every Time!

How to stop wasting money on lipsticks that dont suit you

Buying a new lipstick is a bit like playing the lottery. You win some, and you lose some most of the time!

Every change of season, the latest shades are released and I will often race out to buy them.

I now have a overflowing graveyard of lipsticks that look gorgeous until I actually put them on.

More money wasted and the same safe shades keep getting worn over and over again.

Apart from buying cosmetics in the supermarket (which I often do, especially when they are half price) when you go instore there are samples to try, but I don’t know about you, there is no way I am putting that on my lips.

Who knows who or what has touched it!

Determined to reduce waste and find shades that work for me I have been doing a little research and have discovered some interesting tips that will help you avoid buying colours that just don’t work for you.



Whilst many of us would love to be able to rock a bold red lip, it really is not for everyone.

For the most flattering shade, use your natural lip colour as a guide.

Choose a shade just slightly darker than your lips.

If you have pale lips a beige or pale pink is going to look best on you.

If you have medium lips try a deeper brown or a bright pink.

If your lips are quite dark lean towards a chocolate, rich plum or red.


Lipstick comes in different formulas that can have an impact on the final look.

The condition of your lips will play a major roll in how each formula will perform.

Matte lipstick is right on trend at the moment, and can look bold and beautiful. BUT if your lips are dry and flaky the colour will settle in each crack and line and they will look more obvious. These types of lipsticks contain very few emollients and could even make your lips feel more uncomfortable.

Gloss lipsticks are the perfect choice for dry lips and any product labelled as ‘moisturising’ will help your lips to feel softer and even a little plumper and will be much more comfortable to wear.

Long Lasting lipsticks will stay on for hours and will survive a glass of wine or three, but they work very similarly to matte products and will have a drying effect. Add a clear gloss on top and this will help your lips look and feel better.

Shimmer lipsticks have a glittery finish and light-reflecting properties and are probably best left to the young ones when they are heading out for night of glam and fun. On older ladies they can look old fashioned and aging.


When you exfoliate your face (which of course you do every week…ahem), apply the product to your lips as well to get rid of dead skin cells.

Not only will your lips look smoother, it will also create a better base for your lip product and will increase its staying power.

What is your go-to lipstick?

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