Drug Free Kitchen Cures For Common Ailments!

There are lots of wonderful foods that can do the job of everyday medicines to help alleviate the symptoms of many common health issues.

Many of these you will probably have in your kitchen already, or they are very easy to obtain next time you go shopping.

Regular consumption can work as powerful preventative medicine and if symptoms do persist please visit your GP.

Kitchen cures for modern ailments

BLOATING – A bloated belly is uncomfortable and unsightly, try a cup of fresh pineapple each day. Fresh Pineapple contains powerful digestive enzymes that can help to ease a bloated belly. If you can handle eating the core instead of throwing that part out, it is where powerful anti-inflammatory enzyme bromelain is stored and is very helpful to reduce inflammation anywhere in your body.

COLD SORES/MOUTH ULCERS – Raw honey that has not been pasteurised can be dabbed on cold sores and will help them to heal faster.

INDIGESTION/NAUSEA – Fresh ginger has an antispasmodic effect on upset tummies. Thinly slice one tablespoon and place in a cup of hot water and allow to steep for 20 minutes before removing and then sipping the tea.

HANGOVERS – After a big night out, it is common to grab for something greasy if you can stomach anything at all. Ice cold chocolate milk was my favourite back in the day. A much better choice is a banana. Loaded with potassium, it will help you feel better much faster than a meat pie or burger.

HEARTBURN – A tablespoon of apple cider vinegar mixed with 1 cup of warm water and sipped when required will help ease the discomfort of indigestion caused from eating in excess.

HOT FLUSHES – Sage tea could become your best friend if hot flushes are a common occurrence in your life. With a mild oestrogenic effect, sage tea will help to balance your hormone levels that when increased trigger flushes. Reducing caffeine intake will also help as it stimulates the release of cortisol that adds to the hormone imbalance so common during menopause.

MUSCLE ACHE – Drinking lots of water after exercise not only helps to rehydrate you, it will also flush out pain triggering histamines that are released from overworked muscles.

SORE THROAT – When your throat feels like it has been attacked by razor blades try this tea to help soothe and heal. Mix 1/4 teaspoon of powdered ginger, 1/8 teaspoon cinnamon, 1 clove bud and 2 teaspoons honey steeped in 2 cups of boiling water. Strain and drink when it has cooled down to a safe temperature.

SUNBURN – Rubbing slices of fresh tomato over sunburnt skin will help take the pain away. Soaking in oatmeal bath will also help settle the sting. Simply add 1 cup of oats into a sock and tie off with a rubber band. Place the sock into a bath tub and run a just warm bath. Soak for 15 minutes and after you have dried off, if you have an aloe vera plant in your garden, grab a stem cut it open and squeeze out the gel and apply to affected areas.

TOOTHACHE – I’ve been telling people this ever since my Dentist in Newington CT told me about it, chewing very gently on a clove bud will release a natural anesthetic that will reduce the pain and inflammation and bring some relief if you can’t get to the dentist straight away.

URINARY TRACT INFECTION – At the first sign of a UTI grab a cup of blueberries. Fresh or frozen work and they will help kill off the trouble making bacteria. You can also try a drink of 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda mixed with one cup of water as this will help to alkalize the bladder which does not allow the bacteria to multiply.

Try one of these effective remedies rather than just reaching for a painkiller as they will help your body to heal and repair rather than just mask the symptoms.

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2 thoughts on “Drug Free Kitchen Cures For Common Ailments!

  1. Wow. These are some great tips here. I’m taking note of the pineapple. Very handy thank you. Sage tea. Never even heard of it and not sure I like the sound of it, but I’ll give it a try and blueberries for UTIs. I always thought it was cranberries. Maybe it’s a berry thing. Great tips. Thanks. #teamIBOT

  2. Wow, what interesting remedies! I hadn’t heard several of these… pinning for future reference. 🙂

    Thanks for coming by and leaving a comment on my Happiness Project Review — I’m glad to meet you!

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