Music To Your Ears

Day 15 – 15 Ways To Overcome Burnout!

Music is a powerful way to lift your spirits and change your focus.

Use your iPod or phone to store songs that you love for instant access better feelings or relaxation.


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Most of us tend to have one side of our brain that that dominates most of our thoughts and actions.

I am incredibly left-brained, I love facts, figures, lists and plans. Those that are more right-brained are the creative and arty types.

Music has the ability to bring balance to our brain function and have each side working in unison.

That is one of the reasons that music can make us feel so good, our brain is in harmony!

Picking the right things to listen too is the key.

– Choose songs that you love, just make sure that they do not include words that might trigger unhappy memories.

– Include songs that evoke happy memories from special occasions in your life.

– Listening to classical music, especially Mozart can help energise and refresh your brain which is very helpful if you are studying.

– Playing music whilst doing chores makes the time go much quicker and can actually make the task enjoyable. (It’s the only way my ironing ever gets done!)

– Music will often get you moving, it can be hard to resist bopping to a favourite song. Some bonus exercise in your day.

– When you are feeling really exhausted, some relaxing music or listening to sounds of nature can help you calm and re-energise.

– You can also use your iPod to access pod casts or webinars that can be uplifting or help you learn.

– If you struggle to find time to read, downloadable audio books can be playing whilst you do other physical things.

– Listening to soothing sounds can help you get to sleep if you are tossing and turning.

Thankfully modern technology has made access to listening materials a breeze, make use of this valuable tool whenever you can.

What is on your playlist right now?

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