Words For When It All Goes Pear Shaped!

Day 14 – 31 Ways To Overcome Burnout!

We all have those times in our lives when it all goes pear shaped!

Big or small, annoying things happen that rattle us to the core.

Our mind and ego go into overdrive.

Blaming, screaming, complaining, crying, you name it, we experience it.

What have we done to deserve all this!

So much energy gets poured into this negative downward spiral, and guess what?

We don’t feel any better for it.

What you really must try to do is change your focus, shut the negative mind up and bring some calm into the situation.

Having a gentle mantra that you simply repeat over and over again, every time your mind wants to hit replay is a great place to start.

healing mantra

This is one of my favorites.

You are gently reminding yourself that it will be OK.

You may have no idea of how you can fix a situation right now.

Most importantly you are letting go of HOW something must happen.  You open yourself to possible solutions that you simply might not see in a state of sadness and rage.

It is the magical art of ‘allowing’ that can deliver amazing solutions.

What you continually focus on is what you receive.

Do you want to attract more anger and upset or would you prefer happiness and calm?

You get to choose your words and feelings.

Choose wisely.

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