Soak Away Stress

Day 23 – 31 Ways To Overcome Burnout!

How often do you have a bath?

Do you even have a bathtub?

If you are like the majority of people, the bath is this big bowl in your bathroom that regularly requires cleaning, but just sits there and never gets used?

Sound familiar?

Beautiful bath

Now I am sure if you had a bath that even closely resembles this one, you would be making good use of it regularly, and quite probably burnout would not be an issue you have to deal with.

No matter what your bath actually looks like, you can use it as a wonderful healing tool and slash your stress levels fast.

Water allows your body to relax and not have to deal with gravity.

Muscles release their tension.

The peace and quite of being locked away in the bathroom soothes the soul.

You just need to add a few special bits to make it truly fabulous.

* Fresh and clean fluffy towels

* A candle or two for soft lighting

* Soothing music

* Scented bubble bath or pure essential oils

* A face washer to gentle cleanse and dampen your face and shoulders with.

Having a relaxing bath

 Why not turn your relaxation time into an effective detox treatment whilst you are at it.

Or make this delicious hot chocolate bath for smooth skin and a bit of fun.

Add a spare towel or blow up bath pillow to support your head so that you can really lay back and enjoy.

Leave your worries at the door and spend your time focusing on positive things.

Take nice deep breaths and inhale the delightful aroma’s that are wafting all around you.

Add a glass of champagne for extra indulgence.

Make sure you take the phone of the hook and turn your mobile on silent. You do not want to be disturbed.

Taking a leisurely bath once a week is not just a treat it is a gift of self care that you deserve.

What is your favourite bath product?

For more fabulous self care ideas start here.

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