Stop Complaining!

Day 22 – 31 Ways To Overcome Burnout!

How often do you grumble and complain?

If you kept a notebook on you and put a little ‘x’ on a sheet of paper every time you grumbled, complained, whined or bitched about someone or something, I bet you might have quite a few marks on your sheet by the end of the day.

When you are tired and run down it is so easy to slip regularly into a state of self pity, into complaining about everyone and everything.

Every single time you open your mouth or think those thoughts, you are dragging your energy down.

Just like a big magnet, ever time you lower your energetic output, you get more reasons to grumble and complain thrown straight at you!

Stop complaining

You might be surprised at how hard this can be!

Try it for just ONE day.

If you can consciously stop all the negative banter in it’s tracks, you will go to bed feeling much lighter and happier.

Complaining comes in many forms from judgment and comparing to disapproval and down right bitchiness.

If you have a negative thought that you simply cannot budge, and this can often happen from a hurtful memory, try  reciting the ancient  Hawaiian healing technique Ho’oponopono. These words have been used for centuries to relieve stress, help you find solutions and change your focus.

‘I am sorry’

‘Please forgive me’

‘I love you’

‘Thank you’

Honour yourself, honour your words, honour your thoughts.

What you give out you receive more of, so choose wisely.

Let me know if you can make it through one day!

For all the hints and tips to get burnout under control, start here!

17 thoughts on “Stop Complaining!

  1. This article is lovely..I will seriously give it a try tomorrow. In a way we are what we think, and we need to choose more carefully what thoughts we decide to give space to in our lives.

    1. Our thoughts and feelings definitely create our tomorrows, so complaining simply attracts more things to complain about. It has just become such a habit to complain if everything is not going just the way we like it. 🙂

  2. I have just read this to my husband and children (ages 7 and 10) and we are trying this as a family tomorrow. We’ll let you know how we do!

  3. I hardly ever try out challenges like this (mostly because I have too much swimming around in my mind already!), but this has really struck me, Nikki. I am a big believer in gratitude journals and focusing on telling ourselves positive stories instead of the negative — but actually sitting down and paying attention to each statement (even thought to self!) during the day feels like the next level. I’m so excited (and a little scared!) to try this. Thank you! (And to Dani from Positively Present for linking to you!)

  4. I am going to take on this challenge…and change the word challenge to “succeed at this dream”…
    So I begin at 1:42pm on Monday January 26, 2015….let it begin…and as always it begins with me…

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