Super Supplements For Stress

Super Supplements For Stress – Day 2 – 31 Ways To Overcome Burnout

Today is all about a simple way to practice some self care.

When we are busy and trying to fit so much in to our day, healthy eating can take a back seat to quick convenience food.

How often do you turn to take-away, frozen meals or packages foods?

Do you grab chocolate and coffee in the afternoon to try and boost your energy levels?

In the days ahead, I will have some great tips to help make feeding the family easier, but for today, we will just focus on nurturing our body with the help of supplements that are specifically beneficial to bodies that are dealing with stress.

Even if you generally eat very well, the soils that grow our produce are often overworked and lack the trace elements that would have been in our fruit and vegetables even just a generation ago.

Supplements are an easy way to make a positive start.

Don’t panic, it is not a huge list of tablets that will make you rattle as walk!

Just two easily obtainable but very helpful ones.

 B Group boost and Magnesium

Macro Stress Relief Tablets

Most reputable supplement companies make a specific B Group blend for helping to deal with stress.

B Group vitamins are water soluble, and our body cannot store these for use when needed. They are also the first nutrients used by our body to as it tries to function under stressful conditions. Taking one a week will not help, they need to become a daily habit.

Magnesium is one of the awesome minerals that helps muscles relax and the rates of magnesium deficiency is growing rapidly.

If you are not good at remembering to take tables regularly, buy a tablet canister from the chemist that is divided into seven compartments, one for each day of the week. Every Sunday night, refill your container ready for the week ahead. Carry it with you if you will more than likely forget to take them before you race out the door. At a glance you can see if you took yours that day or if you forgot.

So buy some tomorrow if you don’t have either already and start taking them EVERYDAY!

Your body will thank you. xx

Do you take any supplements regularly?

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