Try Something New!

Day 18 – 31 Ways Overcome Burnout!

We resist change, especially when we are tired and cranky.

It is easier just to stick with what we know, rather than dedicating thought and energy to doing things differently.

Shaking things up can be just what you need to lift your mood and open the way to tackling bigger changes with confidence.

Try something new

If we don’t make changes, how can our life change?

Start with easy things to give your spirit a lift.

– Try a new eye shadow colour or grab a new lipstick.

– Start your day with tea instead of coffee.

– Add a new colour to your wardrobe.

– Cook with a different recipe.

– Add a new spice.

– Read a new book.

– Pick a different magazine off the stand.

– Try new skincare.

– Drive a different way to your destination.

– Discover a new café.

– Shop at a different store.

– Change your hair colour.

– Buy a new pair of earrings.

– Make a new friend.

– Find a new hobby.

– Draw or doodle with a new box of pencils.

– Paint your nails a different colour.

– Discover a new blog.

– Find a new online store.

– Plant a new tree or flower.

Walk somewhere you have never been before.

– Head to your nearest department store and find a new perfume.

– Add a new Pure Essential Oil to your collection.

– Buy a new scented candle.


Give your life a shakeup and try something new. Getting out of a rut can sometimes lead to discovering new things that you love!

When was the last time you did something different?

Don’t let burnout control your life, got to it, start here!

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