Walk Your Way To Happiness


walk your way to happiness

Day 17 – 31 Ways To Overcome Burnout!

Have you ever paid for a gym membership that you have never used?

Burnout and extreme tiredness go hand in hand.

Finding the energy to go to the gym or exercise class just seems impossible.

Even though we know that exercise is good for us, reduces cortisol levels, increases good feeling endorphins, is great for our health and can help us loose weight, it is often the last thing we want to do.

Walking is gentle, calming and the BEST choice of activity for tired bodies.

A dose of fresh air can clear the mind.

Getting the blood pumping will improve your mood.

In addition to all the above benefits, you can use your daily walk to change your focus on an issue at hand.

With the help of a positive affirmation, with each step you recite it in your head or out loud, over and over, taking nice big breathes along the way.

Here a few suggestions to try –

‘All Is Well’

‘I am Happy, Healthy, Healed and Whole’

‘Life Is Good’

‘Things Are Getting Easier And Easier’

‘I Trust My Intuition To Guide Me’

‘ I Am Safe And Loved’

‘I Am Worthy Of All Good Things’

Feel free to make up your own, just make them positive and in ‘the now’. Don’t .words such as wish, need, or want.

For 5, 10, 15, 20 minutes or more, dedicate this time to yourself and don’t let all those nagging issues be at the forefront of your mind.

Get walking and get positive!

For more ways to get on top of burnout, start here!

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