What Are You Holding On Too?

Day 25 – 31 Ways To Overcome Burnout!

What are you holding on too, that is no longer serving you in a positive way?

It might be time for a big declutter!

declutter your life

Over time things change, things accumulate and things wear out, but we seem to hang on to them.

Plenty of people will sing the praises of having a big declutter of things around your home.

The more ‘stuff’ we have accumulated fills our homes and traps negative energy.

The more free space we have, the better the energy flowing through your home can wander through and support you.

Clutter also makes it harder to find things and lead you to purchase things you don’t need because you forgot you already have it at home.

If you have lot’s of physical clutter, it’s time to get clearing, starting small works best so you don’t get completely overwhelmed and give up.

Sometimes we also hang on to commitments, people and possessions that would be better off gone.

How many of these things are you holding on too?

– Items you feelĀ  you ‘must’ keep because of who gave them to you.

– Reminders of relationships that have ended.

– Friends that only sap your energy and barrage you with their complaints and woes.

– Commitments that you felt obliged to say yes to, not because you wanted to.

– Chipped and cracked crockery, glass wear or ornaments.

– Clothes that no longer fit or are outdated.

– Commitments that you used to enjoy but are now a chore.

– Things you have not used in years, but you ‘might’ need them one day.

– A freezer full of leftovers that have been there for so long you don’t even know what they are.

– Projects started but never completed, and the idea of doing them now does not make you excited.

– Hobbies that you used to enjoy but do not want to participate in any more.

– Sporting or fitness equipment that you know you will never use.

– All those lonely single socks.

– A pantry full of products that are way passed their use-by.

Underwear that is losing it’s elasticity or a bra that has lost an underwire.

– Can you delegate some of your tasks at work, or do you ‘have’ to do everything?

There is plenty more things you are probably holding in too.

Make a list of everything that you can think of, that no longer needs or deserves your attention and then start working through them.

Be ruthless if you have to.

You will feel a lot lighter, your energy and mood will improve.

It is simply all about your focus and energy, make a clear path to follow!

What can you add to your list right now?

There is lot’s more great tips for beating burnout, start here.

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