10 Mini Spring Cleans You Can Do This Weekend

Spring Cleaning is a hot topic in my newsfeeds at the moment. Coming out of winter hibernation and enjoying the freshness of Spring is beautiful.

The thought of scrubbing my home from top to bottom is not that appealing, it is a BIG job!

Instead of procrastinating and not doing anything, breaking down the BIG clean into small bite-size chunks it motivating and do-able.

Once you make a start, you have a very good chance of continuing on.

Decluttering and cleaning dramatically improves the energy of your home. Your haven is there to support and nurture you. If your home is full of unnecessary ‘stuff’ and dirty, it traps energy rather than letting it flow and refresh.

Start with one or do all of these mini Spring cleans, your home will love you for it.

spring cleaning in small steps


1. MAGAZINE PILE – Cull the collection of magazines piling up. Cut out recipes, craft ideas, home inspiration or inspiring words (for your vision board) and toss the rest in the recycle bin. Create a recipe folder or put the cut outs in manila folders to keep them tidy and easily accessible.

2. UNDERWEAR DRAWER – When was the last time you actually used the bras and knickers at the bottom of your drawer. Throw out all the items that are missing an underwire or where the elastic has given up. Treat yourself to some bright new underwear. Beige is boring, get some colour in to your life.

3. CROCKERY CUPBOARD – Quickly check each piece of crockery for chips and cracks. It is bad Feng Shui to use damaged plates, bowls and cups. By using these damaged items you are in the energy of not being good enough to deserve nice things.  While you are at it, check your glass wear as well.

4. MEDICINE CABINET – Twice a year you should check that all medications have not reached or passed their use-by date. Toss out anything that is old and add them to your shopping list, or organize to get new scripts if necessary. Vitamins and supplements also have use-by dates so check them as well.

5. HERBS AND SPICES – Those little jars of goodness that can take a recipe from bland to awesome do not last forever. Check the dates on each jar and toss out all the ones that are passed it. Add the one that need replacing to your shopping list Now is the perfect time to grow a fresh herb garden. Plant a few favorites in a big tub close to your kitchen so you can grab a quick little bunch when you are cooking.

6. MAKE UP DRAWER – Make up does not last forever and can be a breading ground for bacteria. This useful list will give you an idea of what needs to be tossed and what you can keep. While you are at it, check your sunscreen. It loses its effectiveness over time, and you don’t want to spend a day in the sun and ending up looking like a lobster because your sunscreen is not doing its job properly.

7. FRIDGE – How many bottle and jars of half used product is lurking in the back of your fridge. They will probably have a garden of mould thriving in them if you take off the lid. Toss them in the bin pronto!

8. EMAIL LIST – Hit the ‘unsubscribe’ tab on all the emails that you have signed up for but no longer suit your needs. Bow out of all the groups you have joined on Facebook if you are no longer interested in what they are sharing. This will save precious time everyday.

9. WARDROBE – A full wardrobe overhaul is a mammoth task. Commit to filling just one rubbish bag with clothes you no longer wear or simply don’t fit anymore. Donate them to your favourite charity.

10. TUPPERWARE DRAWER – Does your drawer suffer from lost liditis? Mine sure does. Throw out all the containers that don’t have matching lids or buy new ones. If you have lots of genuine Tupperware that you simply don’t use, especially bigger sized storage containers, sell them on Gumtree or Ebay, you can make some quick cash for these.

Once you start sorting out small areas of your home, before you know it, you will probably tackle some of the bigger ones. Just break it down into bite size chunks. The linen cupboard could be next, but do towels one week, sheets the next etc.

Have fun, get clear and enjoy the difference in the energy of your home. Clear spaces leaves ‘room’ for more good things to come into your life!

What are you going to tackle first?

4 thoughts on “10 Mini Spring Cleans You Can Do This Weekend

  1. OMG! I sooooo needed this list! It’s great how you’ve broken it all up in particular sections, I get so overwhelmed by it all I just end up procrastinating. This way I can tackle each section bit by bit! Will let you know how it goes!

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