How To Get A Gorgeous Fake Tan At Home

Getting a beautiful bronzed glow is easier than ever, thanks to the wonderful home tanning products now available.

Gone are they days of ending up with a bright orange, striped look that might suit a tiger but not you.

With a few simple tricks, you can step into spring looking healthy and brown without spending a minute in the sun.


The weather is warming up and the layers of clothes are being peeled off, revealing dry and pasty skin, not a good look.

WWHQ has been the testing ground for many different self tanning products, as my girls do Physie, and when competition time comes around our home is awash with lycra and the need to get brown! Junior Physie girls don’t tan, but once they reach seniors, whilst not an actual requirement, almost everyone one of them does. The darker the tan the better.

Miss WW has tried spray on tans but found the drying time annoying and the strap marks that often result from putting on clothes to go home in after the treatment, really annoying. So after much trial and error, we now have home tanning down to a fine art…

Fake tan necessities


1. Choose a tanning product in cream or lotion form, they save so much cleaning up afterwards. Spray tan application can be done outside but if the weather is still cool that is not much fun.

2. Invest in an applicator mitt. Using a mitt will ensure the tanning product goes on evenly and streak free.

3. Have someone help you apply the product on to your back. You can’t reach there properly and will end up with white patches.

4. Exfoliate before applying tanning product. This is so important as it provides a smooth fresh base for the tan to develop. Applying fake tan to skin that has not been exfoliated will increase the chances of blotchiness and decrease the length of time your tan will stay looking lovely. Take extra care to exfoliate areas renowned for rough patches such as knees and elbows. You can make your own body scrub with items in your kitchen.

5. Do not apply moisturizer to your skin before applying your tanning product. It will create a barrier and reduce absorption. A little moisturizer can be applied to elbows if they are really rough so that they do not end up to dark.

6. Follow the instructions provided on the pack carefully, taking special note of the recommended drying time. Try to avoid putting on clothes for as long as possible to avoid unsightly marks.

7. Do not apply tan just before going swimming or exercising. Contact with excessive moisture will reduce its effectiveness. Always apply the day before an event if possible.

8. After a few days your tan may go a little blotchy. A quick exfoliation or even a good rub with a face washer in the shower will help to remove the dark patches.


physie girls

My girls on interclub day – with so much skin on display, a tan looks so much nicer!

Home tanning is easy and very affordable. Give it a try and banish the pale of winter in a flash!

Have you ever had a fake tan disaster?

(This is not a sponsored post, we just love LeTan products) 🙂

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  1. Fake home tan should look like real tan, nobody should realize that it is fake. Thus, following these tips will let you reach this tan. The topic is helpful and the tips are easy to be done. You don’t have to be exposed to sun to get tanned this is the solution. Thanks for your help.

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