Apple recall iPhone5 for faulty battery replacement

My iPhone 5 is almost 2 years old, and even though I love it, the battery has been declining rapidly over the last couple of months.

It has got to the stage, if I am out all day, I switch my phone into airplane mode, as it does not chew through the battery.

Once it reaches less than 30% power or below, it might just randomly turn itself off as though the battery is completely empty.

hybrid-leather-wallet-flip-case-iphone-5My iPhone looks brand new. After previous iPhones had suffered from smashed screens, I vowed to keep this one safe.

Thanks to my retail therapy assistant – Ebay – I bought a few of these flip covers. My phone has fell and bounced and survived each one intact! Best investment ever!

A friend posted a link on Facebook about the recall and I quickly followed the link.

You simply check your Serial Number and it will tell you whether your phone is eligible or not. Mine passed the test so I booked into the Apple store at Chermside pronto!

Unfortunately when I got there, they were out of stock of batteries, bugger!

They did run a diagnostic test on my phone to check whether it was one of the dud ones, and thankfully mine passed the test.

Many people have tried to get a new battery, even when they don’t really need one, but the clever Apple people will suss them out in a flash.

I got a call the next day to say that my battery has arrived, but due to a very busy week, have booked in for Saturday morning.

My contract is almost up, and as soon as the new iPhone 6 lands on our shores, I will be grabbing one, but I will be giving my iPhone 5 to Miss WW.

So not only does the phone look brand new, and other than the battery works perfectly, once the new battery is in place, she will have an awesome almost new phone and she is wrapped in that.

Have you got a dud iPhone battery too?


2 thoughts on “Apple recall iPhone5 for faulty battery replacement

    1. You are welcome! (I am loving my new battery, actually get through the day now without having my phone in airplane mode) 🙂

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