Party planning checklist: five things not to forget

Party planning checklist: five things not to forget

Hosting a party can be a daunting exercise, especially in the planning stages when it seems there is always something to do – finish one task, and there is another just around the corner. All good party organisers know that every successful event starts with a checklist. Have you invited the right people? What food do you have to prepare? Is there going to be a theme? The list is almost endless.

A good party planning checklist starts the day you decide to have the party and ends when the first guests ring the doorbell. However, in our increasing litigious society, perhaps the most important things to remember relate to keeping your guests safe from harm and taking precautions to keep things from going wrong. Here are some duty of care things not to forget when planning for your party.


Know your legal responsibilities

In an era when friends are known to sue each other over the smallest of incidents, it is probably best to know your legal responsibilities. Do a bit of research on public liability and what you need to know in case someone is injured. Legal firms like Sinnamon Lawyers have a wealth of information available on their websites including ways to eliminate hazards.

Make the venue party friendly

Once you’ve chosen the venue for your shindig, you need to make sure it is ‘party friendly’. Do an early check of the venue to ensure it has everything you may need, including sufficient bathrooms, a kitchen and an area to serve or store drinks. Look for hazards that might cause harm to guests and for ways to reduce any risks. If you are holding the party at home, run your eye over the area for hazards you might not have noticed before.

Keep a detailed invitation list

It’s hard to plan your event properly if you’re not sure who is and isn’t coming. Don’t just send out invitations, prepare a chart that includes the names of all you have invited, any features of certain individuals (like people with a disability or special diets) and how they have responded to the invitation. This will allow you to keep track of the guests and plan accordingly.

Have the right amount of food and drink

Make sure you have enough supplies for everyone who is coming. There is nothing worse for a partygoer than running out of food or drink mid-fun. This is devastating for the host too. Use your invitation list and RSVPs to determine how much you think you are going to need, and then add a bit. It’s also a good idea to have a variety of food to make sure you meet all tastes and requirements.

Provide advice

Often overlooked but very important is the need to advise authorities and neighbours of your party well in advance. By registering your party with the police or another relevant authority, you can be assured that any problems that arise can be dealt with quickly and efficiently. Likewise, by telling the neighbours well in advance, you can reduce the risk of noise or other complaints. Better still, invite the neighbours too.

There are many things to plan for if you want a good party, and these are just a few. But the key to a great party is to start planning early for as many contingencies as you can think of.

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