The Problogger Hangover!

After months of anticipation and wondering if I made the right choice to go to Problogger, it is all over!

I now have a major hangover.

Whilst I did consume a cocktail or 3, that is not to blame.

Problogger collage

I am suffering from a post conference hangover.

Symptoms include extreme tiredness, hand cramps from making so many notes and lists, brain fog from trying to decide where to start and withdrawal symptoms from not having QT Gold Coast’s buffet breakfast set up in my kitchen this morning.

I suffered the same thing last year even though I did not go. My Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feed fuelled an attack from the green-eyed monster, so great that I was determined not to miss out again.

Determination won, I might have bought the 7th last ticket when they went on sale, but I got one.

A Pro-blogger I am not, YET!

BUT my decision to go was one of the best investments I have made in myself in a long time. Sitting at home alone is not the best way to learn, getting in amongst it is.

The QT Hotel on the Gold Coast is quirky and cool, the perfect location for an ever growing collection of bloggers determined to ramp up the power and presence of blogging in Australia.

The Problogger team spent months creating a collection of speakers to help us learn and grow, and they did not disappoint. Such a wide variety of topics were on offer, choosing was so hard. Everything ran smoothly and efficiently.

I met some amazing people, said hello to bloggers I have stalked been reading blog posts from for a long time, and listened to some of the most successful Aussie bloggers share their path to the top.

Whilst my to-do list is sooooooooooooo long and all weekend I kept saying ‘I don’t know where to start’, a hangover cure has been found!

Swish Online Problogger Survival Guide

Thank you Kelly Mouttet-Exeter from Swish Online

This sage advice is the only way to tackle a mammoth task, start with one thing that will get you closer to your goal and focus clearly on just that, instead of trying to take a little bite from all the apples. They will end up going brown before you can finish any of them properly.

The one single word that I kept hearing over and over again was CONSITENCY.

That I am not. I have plenty of excuses…working, single mum with a ton of things on her plate, but I also love to blog and I want to make a difference. So some practical planning on what CONSITENT can be for me and putting it in to action, is not a ‘maybe’ but a ‘will be’. For the next month that is all I am going to focus on, one little step at a time.

Problogger is not a luxury, it is a necessity if you want to learn from the best, be motivated by the best, and spend time with the best. We all deserve the best, and if you blog, Problogger is a must. Twelve months till the next one, gives you plenty of time to save. Cate from Behind The Purple Door is doing just that.

Together with a few new affirmations to help quieten the negative committee that always has a lot to say when I focus on a goal, I am taking my blogging to the next level!

What is the Number 1 thing you are going to start taking action on?

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