A Christmas Family Treasury

A Christmas Family Treasury is a lovely way to keep everything Christmas in one place. Fill it full of your favourite recipes, photo’s, menu plans or journal special memories.

A Christmas Treasury Journal Keepsake

I love Christmas and I love a challenge.

Scrolling through my Facebook feed, Sarah Lauren  (an awesome online ribbon store and Fabric Fusion (the online way to source beautiful fabric) were calling out for bloggers to participate in a Ribbon and Remnant Challenge. You could make whatever you liked with a gorgeous pack of goodies that included fabric, ribbon and embellishments. I saw red and green, so something for Santa Season was a must!

Crafting and creating lovely things is something I love doing, but don’t make enough time for. The beauty of a challenge is that you have a deadline, so I made time to get this project finished, with about 5 hours to spare. 🙂

This project is very easy to do and does not require any difficult crafting techniques to master. If you can sew a relatively straight line, squirt glue out of a bottle and cut up ribbon in to pieces then this is for you.

An Easy Sew And Glue Journal Cover


– 1 x A4 Notebook with a hard cover and spiral bound.

– 2 pieces of fabric 46cm wide x 32 cm long.

– A selection of ribbons and trims.

– Sewing thread, needle, clear drying craft glue, sharp scissors and a sewing machine.


Sewing the journal cover seams


– Take one piece of fabric and fold in half (right sides together). Fold over a 1cm hem where the edge will meet the spiral and iron down. I did not sew down the hem to avoid extra bulk.

– Lay the journal on top of the folded fabric and use a pencil to trace the edge. Sew your seams about 5 mm across from the line to allow for the thickness of the cover.

Covering a notebook with fabric

– Turn the cover inside out and slip on to your journal front.

– Repeat the process to cover the back of your journal.

christmas treasury journal

– Cut a piece of ribbon long enough to wrap around both sides of the journal and add 40cm extra so you can tie a generous bow.

– Fold the ribbon in half. At the bend, slip that in between the centre spiral. Use a few drops of craft glue, or a couple of tiny hand stitches to hold the ribbon in place.


– Start with the vertical white and silver ribbons. Cut them slightly longer than the length of the notebook. Fold the excess over and stitch down on the inside of the cover.

– Add the bows, diamantes and pearls with a drop of craft glue. If you are using embellishments that are heavier you can use a couple of hand stitches to make them a little more secure.

a christmas journal


– Cut fabric into strips 10cm x 2cm.  Cut ribbon into strips into 8 – 10cm lengths. If you have some wide ribbon that you would like to use, simply cut it in half lengthwise. They don’t all have to be the perfect length.

– You can simply tie them on to the spirals or use a hook rug tool. If you are tying them on keep a needle or pin handy to help you bring the end up though the spirals. I had some fluffy white yarn and thin silver ribbon that I added to the mix.

Add tassles to a notebook

There is no need to follow any set pattern, keeping it random is more fun!

A Christmas Treasury would make a wonderful gift, and you could include a favourite recipe or craft idea of your own.

This style of journal could also be adapted for any special occasion, just choose colours that match the event.

You can go online now and order some beautiful supplies from Sarah Lauren and Fabric Fusion and start making yours now in time for Christmas!

Do you participate in any online challenges?

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