Minimising the travel tummy: Keeping your weight in check overseas


Minimising the travel tummy: Keeping your weight in check overseas!

No matter how much you enjoy a holiday, a flabby tummy is always an unwelcome souvenir. Unfortunately, your weight can blow out as a result of all of the delicacies and luxuries enjoyed while away, or simply because it is harder to keep to your exercise and nutrition regime when out of your home environment.

The good news is that there are things you can do while on holiday to minimise weight gain. Experts such as Dr Joseph Ajaka have some effective (and logical) tips for enjoying your adventures without bringing the ‘extra baggage’ back with you. Read on to discover just five of these tips!

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1. Walk as much as possible

Be sure to include some time in each day of your holiday for walking. Stretching the legs and walking is especially important if you have been sitting still in a plane, car, bus or train for a long period of time.

Walking is such an important activity while travelling. Get as many steps in as possible – not only do steps burn calories, walking is a great way to keep you feeling alert and refreshed.

2. Stay hydrated

If you are travelling by plane and/or taking a holiday in a very warm overseas destination, drinking a lot of water is essential for keeping you hydrated. It has also been proven that drinking sufficient water creates a feeling of fullness, and this feeling stops you from eating too much.

Those who understand the best ways to keep your weight down, including Dr Ajaka, recommend drinking at least one glass of water before you eat a meal.

3. Read the nutritional panel on foods

Even if the nutritional panel on the foods you are buying is written in a foreign language, attempt to read and compare the details. When dining at restaurants, do not be afraid to ask for nutritional information about the food, and how it is prepared and cooked.

Just as you would at home, select meals that are as low in calories and sugar as possible.

4. When you indulge, make it really special

Be careful about throwing caution to the wind and indulging non-stop in whatever takes your fancy. Exercising self-control is just as important when travelling overseas as it is when you are at home.

If you are going to indulge, choose very special foods that you couldn’t or wouldn’t have at home. For example, go for that incredibly decadent, specialty dessert when dining at a beautiful restaurant. Consider it a rare treat and then revert back to mindful eating practices.

5. Make conscious choices

As committed as you may be to avoiding weight gain while overseas, you will probably find that temptation is everywhere. Staying in control can be difficult.

Travelling is a wonderful experience, so don’t deprive yourself completely. Instead, think carefully before eating and make conscious choices about what you eat.

You may be very dedicated to returning home without gaining weight, but if you do make poor choices along the way, don’t be too hard on yourself. Instead, re-commit to maintaining a healthy weight and be even more dedicated to making healthy choices when you return home.

What is your favourite tip to stop the tummy bulge whilst travelling?

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