My Bargain Buys, Preparing For Problogger


This time next week, I will be engulfed in the first day of Problogger.

I am so excited that I took the leap and purchased the 7th last ticket when they were released earlier this year.

I wanted to go last year, but could not justify the expense. Things have changed and I have been earning income from my blog, so my left-sided, oh so logical brain did not put up quite the same fight this year.

AND the green-eyed jealousy monster that was sent into over drive last year when all the pictures and posts appeared in my newsfeed of everyone having the most wonderful time and enjoying the most amazing looking food, kicked in and backed my decision to go.

I have never been to a blogging conference, so I have been eagerly reading every post that I could find, offering suggestions of what you need to take with you.

Being the bargain hunter that I am, and having a huge aversion to paying full price for anything, I have found some awesome buys to take with me.

Preparing for Problogger 2014

BUSINESS CARDS – I have never had business cards for my blog, so I thought I had better get on to that pronto! As I am currently planning a new ‘frock’ for my blog, I didn’t want to invest a huge amount of money in business cards that would become null and void once the new design goes live. Thank you Vista Print super special email’s. Got 500 printed for only $26.00 including delivery. Designed them in just a few minutes and did not pay for express delivery, but they arrived in 6 days.

MOBILE BROADBAND – WiFi is available for our use whilst we are at Problogger, but if it decides to chuck a wobbly with 500 plus bloggers going nuts with it, I scored this Broadband dongle including 3G of data for only $9.00 on super special at Coles. If you are looking for the best broadband in your area visit Even if I don’t use it whilst at QT, it will come in handy whenever I go away.

EXTERNAL POWER SOURCE – Scored this fabulous external charger from Woolworths for only $10.00. The fitting works for my Ipad, and a $10.00 adapter from Kmart converts it to the right size for my IPhone 5.

HEART NOTEBOOK SET – Whilst I love modern technology, when it comes to note taking, I love good old pen and paper, this cute set includes notebook, pencils, pen and sticky notes and was only $5.00 from Kmart.

Mermaid for Nautical night at Problogger14

The Friday night cocktail party is all about Nautical! I am  NOT going dressed as a pirate, even though a parrot on my shoulder would be a great talking point. An hour or 10 searching on Ebay for something a little different, scored me this beautiful bling mermaid for $8.99. Even her tail swings.

Following advice from seasoned conference going bloggers, my packing list grows. Power board, warmish clothes to combat icy air conditioning, comfortable shoes, water bottle, lip balm, tissues and some anti cocktail hangover remedies.

Now if I could just decide what to wear!!!!!!!!

Is this your first Problogger?

Will you come and say Hi, if I am looking a little lost?

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8 thoughts on “My Bargain Buys, Preparing For Problogger

  1. Please come and say hello to me! It was my first time last year so I totally get the nerves. Love all your prep though, I haven’t even started mine yet xxx

  2. This will be my first problogger and my prep has been NIL until 2 days ago when I panicked and quickly ordered business cards (and YES I had to pay express postage). Other than that I haven’t done a thing since purchasing my ticket and booking the accomodation in April!
    I’ll be the unprepared one in the corner!

  3. This will be my first ProBlogger too! I am so excited!!

    I haven’t done a lot to organise myself specifically for this conference, but I have been doing a lot to organise myself and my blog generally. So I feel pretty sorted. I do need to start writing some lists though and pack.

    Please come say hi to me. I am going to be nervous in the crown of so much wonderfulness!!!

  4. You sound super ready! I’m yet to start thinking packing and I leave first thing tomorrow morning – arghh! Also I love the idea of and external power source – better add more shopping to my To Do list.

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