10 Easy Ways To Brighten Your Day!

The world is in shock after hearing of the death of Robin Williams.

Not from natural causes but by his own hand.

How can such a talented man who brought so much joy and entertainment to the public be so tormented that he could not go on for even another day? We will never know what was truly going on inside his head, whether real or imagined, it is still such as waste of a talented human being.

You can never judge a book by it’s cover. The exterior face that many will see, can hide untold depths of despair. The human mind is miraculous but can also be unbelievably cruel.

We all go through hard times at some stage in our life, but to choose and find the strength to actually end it, is such a terrible waste and causes incredible pain to those left behind.

Depression can strike anyone at anytime. Whether it grows from a small incident or a major trauma, it is all the same, you might as well be locked in a jail, it is just the walls trapping you in only you can see.

There have been people in my life that have chosen this path. Their demons won.

Every day we wake up in the morning is another blessing. Every day we wake up we can choose to let the demons win another round or we can choose to get help and find ways to kick the demons in the ass!

Even the smallest steps of a positive nature fuel the power of self love and self care. You starve your demon and reduce it’s strength.

You are worth it!


Try one or all of these tips to help move stuck and negative energy that is weighing you down.

1. GET SOME COLOUR IN TO YOUR LIFE – Most uniforms are black or blue, they might look classic and classy, but these heavy colours drag your energy down! Even if you don’t wear a uniform, how often do you wear black because it is slimming? Get some brightness into your life, even if it is just your lingerie. Think red, hot pink, orange and yellow, to bring powerful fire energy in to your day. Wear green and pink to boost your heart energy connection. Self love at it’s best.

2. CHOOSE WHO YOU SPEND TIME WITH VERY CAREFULLY –  Stop spending time with anyone that does not support and uplift you. Friends and family that are so focused on their own issues and always manage to turn the conversation around to their problems will only drag you down. Come up with any excuse or tell them the truth, you cannot afford to get dragged down with them! Put you big girl panties on and make sure all your interaction with others will benefit you! (That is one of the reasons my ex is just that – never supportive, too busy living in his own world of doom and gloom and I didn’t want to put up with that crap anyone).

3. CRANK UP THE VOLUME – Fill your ipod with powerful and uplifting music. Make sure you get rid of any songs that trigger negative memories from the past. Pop your headphones in and let the music boost your energy. Dance, bop, walk or just tap your feet. Music is the only thing that can activate both the left and right hand sides of your brain at the same time. Logical left and creative right will work in harmony together. Moving will also help pump ‘happy’ hormones through your system. Oh yeah!

4. DRINK WATER, WATER AND MORE WATER – Hydrated cells are happy cells. They are all plump and functioning at their very best when you drink lot’s of water. Flushing out toxic build up is an added benefit. Alcohol will dull the pain and coffee will give you an energy buzz, but a tired and unhappy body has to work really hard to process these. Drinking more water will also lubricate joints and help your brain work at it’s best. Keep sipping all day long. Yes, you will run to the loo a lot, but that is a small price to pay for better looking skin, and a happier bod.

5. BRING THE GARDEN INSIDE – Fresh flowers will uplift your space instantly. Clippings from the garden or a beautiful fresh bunch from the florist will do the job. Just make sure you throw them out as soon as they start to droop. Indoor plants used to be a must have item in every home, but unfortunately they fell out of favour. Indoor plants improve the air quality and can absorb negative energy. Just make sure you choose plants with round leaves. Spikey leaves actually create negative energy. Grab some pretty planters and get some greenery indoors!

happy face

This is my little reminder to start everyday with a smile!

6. EASE UP ON SUGAR – Devouring a block of chocolate or a packet of Tim Tams is a fun thing to do when you are feeling bad, but sugar has an incredibly inflammatory effect on your body. This is causes pain and discomfort, and you sure don’t need any more of that. Flood your body with fresh food, anything that takes your fancy. If you must have chocolate or something similar, pick the best quality and have a little bit rather than the whole lot. Sweet tooth’s, I feel your pain, but it is worth the effort.

7. SCENTALICIOUS SUPPORT – Pure Essential Oils are a powerful but simple tool that can uplift our spirits from simply taking a few deep inhalations. There are plenty of specialist blends that you can use to treat severe depression and anxiety, but the easiest way to uplift your spirits is to use oils from the citrus family. There are plenty to pick from Lemon, Grapefruit, Orange, Neroli, Lime, Tangerine and Mandarin. Use them in a burner, dab a couple of drops on a tissue and tuck it in your bra, or add them to a nice warm bath. Add some Lavender for it’s soothing and calming qualities and simply breathe.

8. BRAIN DUMP – Grab a large sheet of paper and a pen. Start writing. Every single thing that is annoying you, angering you, frustrating you. Let the words flow. Don’t judge, just let it flow. Keep writing till nothing more comes to the surface. Take this piece of paper outside and set it alight. Release your woes to the universe instead of bottling them up inside.

9. GET GRATEFUL – When you are having a bad day, week, month or year, one of the hardest things to do is feel grateful. Gratitude is such a powerful positive energy. With a smile on your face start giving thanks for anything good. The sky, the sun, running water, a bed to snooze in, food in the fridge, shoes on your feet, absolutely anything that is always there for you and you would not want to be without. Spend a few minutes everyday focusing on gratitude, as it is impossible to feel lousy when you are thankful.

10. TALK – Get it off your chest. You need to talk to someone. Pride and embarrassment will often stop us for talking about our troubles, or you simply don’t want to be seen as a whining Nellie. If you can’t turn to family or friends for a good blab, there are plenty of professionals that will help and guide you. Lifeline and Beyond Blue would be a great place to start. You don’t need to go through anything alone. A good natter and a cry can be very healing and relieve built up stress.

We all have to face some yucky stuff, that is life.

BUT we do get to choose whether we dwell on it continuously or find ways to move past it.

Don't let the negative committee move in permanently

Have a wonderful day, you deserve it!

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10 thoughts on “10 Easy Ways To Brighten Your Day!

  1. Some really great tips there thank you. You’ve mentioned a couple of my favourite ones for keeping positive. Whenever I’m blue, I turn on the music and dance it out. I also find writing works as you’ve mentioned above, plus getting rid of toxic friends has helped me also. I do wear a lot of black, so I might have to work some colour into my wardrobe. Visiting via #teamIBOT.

  2. When I had depression I found the best thing was exercise and medication. Get the endorphins happening and get the brain chemicals righted. For some it’s not that easy unfortunately. It’s just so sad. 🙁

  3. Great words of wisdom. The more life goes on for me the more relaxed i get about how i feel. Sometimes i don’t feel so good but it’s bothering me less – i’m not sure if i’m just being lazy, or ‘giving in’ but i just appreciate so much what is in my life that the parts that aren’t working aren’t so important. Having little pick-me-ups like you’ve suggested are terrific because they keep the garden fertile so to speak – thank you xx

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