“The Magic” – A Powerful Life Changing Must Read Book!

On one of my customary visits to the library, I added to my hoard for the day “The Magic” by Rhonda Byrne.

Following on from the phenomenal success of ‘The Secret”, that started a world-wide boom in the Law Of Attraction and how we truly are the creators of our own lives, this book was not being left on the shelf under any circumstances.

Unless you have been living with your head in the sand, we are constantly being reminded to practice the art of ‘Gratitude‘, by giving thanks for all that we have, as this powerful process allows more things to be thankful for to enter your life. If you spend your days grumbling or feeling jealous of others, you will simply attract more of that into your life.

It is no easy task to feel grateful when you are having a bad day and things are just not going your way!


I had no idea that a whole book could be written on that one single topic, but sure enough, each chapter open you up to more ways to give thanks, and how to focus your attention on all the good things that you do have.

This is one very powerful book, with such a simple message, and everytime I sit down with it and read another chapter, I get this warm happy glow, and all the frustrations of the day just seem to melt away. It has been a long time since a book has made me feel this way.

This book is a 28 day journey to change and will help you discover the power of gratitude!

Some of the days include:-

“The Magic Rock”

“Magical Health”

“The Magical way out of negativity”

“The Money Magnet”

“The Magical To-do-list”

“A Magic Morning” and so much more.

Each day gives you focus, exercise and simple practical tools to use.

If you want to open yourself to a more magical way of life, feeling good and feeling grateful is an absolute must and this book is a powerhouse! I am only sorry it took me so long to discover it!

What is your favourite self-improvement book, I am always after new treasures to read?

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Feng Shui For Finance – Part 1

Feng Shui is an ancient science, practiced by the Chinese for centuries. Wealth creation is an important part of Chinese life and you can use some of the wisdom they have developed to give your finances a boost!

All of these tips are simple and anyone can give them a try, what have you got to lose!

Good luck money coins feng shui

Lucky Chinese coins, a set of three tied with red ribbon, and place in your wallet for good money luck!

Make sure your wallet is cleared of old receipts and rubbish on a regular basis. Ensure that it is in good condition and not worn out and tatty. Don’t crumple your dollar bills, make sure they are flat and smooth. Respect the money you have.

If you have more than one wallet, ensure that every other wallet has at least one coin in them, as this represents your wallet never being empty.

Get a piece of yellow cardboard and cut it into the size of a $20.00 note. Write in big bold letters the following – “I am saying YES to more WEALTH, PROSPERITY and ABUNDANCE” ….Thank You! and keep this in your wallet at all times.

Throw out or sell all the clutter around your home. Ebay and Gumtree will help you move the things you no longer want and by making space in your home, you have space to receive more of what you do want.

Have a decorative jar in your kitchen that you use to collect the excess coins that  in your purse.

Make sure than any dripping taps or plumbing blockages are taken care of immediately, as these affect the financial flow of the house. Dripping taps represent your money dripping away, and blocked pipes block the flow of good fortune.

Wear the colour green, it is the colour of abundance. You can also paint your nails green and wear green jewellery.

Citrine quartz is the gem of abundance. Wear a citrine around your neck. Carry a citrine tumbled stone in your pocket.

Having citrus trees in your yard symbolise abundance and growth. Keep them healthy and well fertilized and they will help to attract abundance and give you lot’s of beautiful fruit to eat.

In Part 2 of this series, I will give you some great tips for looking after the prosperity area of your home.

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How To Unlock Your Child’s Super Powers – My Book, A Giveaway And An Affiliate Link.

It’s Done, It’s Published, and I am just a little well a lot excited to share with you my new e-book, “How To Unlock Your Child’s Super Powers”!

This book was born from my experiences of 17 years parenting 2 amazing teen girls, all my training as a Natural Therapist, every silly mistake I have made. Coupled with a burning desire to see my girls have the MOST amazing life, with no limits, with no ‘it’s not possibles’, without fear to trying and being healthy to boot!

And where are they right now…..Miss 17 is in Year 12, attending a school set up by the Queensland government for children that are bright and prepared to work their behind’s off. The Queensland Academy For Maths, Science and Technology is not for the feint hearted, it is study at it’s most difficult, using the IB as it’s curriculum. But all this effort produces amazing results and opportunities for kids that are going to go on and do amazing things in the future. She is going to go on to medicine and eventually Neuro Surgery. On top of all that she is ‘addicted’ to Physie, precision dance that saw her make national finals at the Opera House last year.

Miss 13 is also doing very well at the local High School. Whilst her social life is her main priority (which is pretty normal at that age), her choice of future careers changes weekly, but she is incredibly caring and compassionate and hopefully she will find a path when the time is right where she can put those skills to good use.

They both have plenty of wonderful friends, great social lives, stay out of trouble, have adjusted beautifully to the demise of my 23 year marriage to their father, and are truly the light of my life. I love them with all that I am.

I want every child to find their passion, follow their heart, never take no for an answer, and simply shine!

“How To Unlock Your Child’s Super Powers” is over 80 pages of tips, tools and fun!

Everyone is born with amazing powers to create, but so often the values passed on to us by our parents, and life circumstances can see our power being squashed.

How To Unlock Your Child's Super Powers

“How To Unlock Your Child’s Super Powers” is for any parent who wants their child to be the best they can be and includes:-

  • Natural ways to support good health and wellbeing
  • Powerful ways to develop self esteem and self love
  • Practical solutions for childhood issues such as imaginary friends, bullies, shyness, the sulks and more
  • What colours you should not use in your childs bedroom
  • Valuable and practical life skills all children should learn to help them in adulthood
  • How to introduce affirmations into your lives and how to make them really work
  • Fun games with valuable lessons
  • How to help your child master the Law Of Attraction
  • Easy ways to get your child off the computer and into life
  • Discover how our limiting beliefs can stop our children from excelling
  • And so much more……..

Find out more and download your copy now for only $9.95 HERE

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A Valuable Money Saving Tool, Junkmail – Frugal But Fabulous Friday


Yes, I am definately a self-confessed, junk-mail-aholic, and for good reason, using junk mail, saves me a fortune!!!!


I realise so many of you will be shaking your head in total disgust, and wonder what do I see in the huge piles of paper that get delivered each week. That precious trees had to be chopped down, and that they only tempt you to spend more. Now I don’t totally disagree with all your reasons for slapping a “NO JUNK MAIL” sign on your letterbox, but as the companies are going to print them regardless, and the person delivering them is trying to earn an extra few dollars for the family. I am happy to put them to use and save big bucks!

Like most people, I have my favourite brands and even though I am happy to try new things, I often return to the fav’s when stocks need replenishing. I am fortunate to have a Woolworths, Coles, IGA  and Aldi close by, so I can take advantage of the specials on offer at any of the main supermarket chains. Many of the items that we enjoy form part of the regular 4 – 6 week discount cycle used by the big supermarkets. So when the items I like are reduced, I stock up (non-perishable or freezable). T
here are a few things that I simply loathe paying full price for because I think they are a expensive for what they are  but we love them and when they are on sale I stock up – toilet paper, milo and peanut butter and ice-cream are 4 that come to mind.

I also find using supermarket junk-mail a great way to menu plan. Each week a quick flick will show me the specials and I plan a weeks meals using products we enjoy eating. It helps me use meat that I have in the freezer and only buy the vegetables and pantry supplies that I need, rather than wandering the aisles trying to find inspiration and getting home to discover that one important ingredient is still sitting on the shelf and not in my pantry!

Christmas has just been and I can happily say, no credit cards were used to provide presents for my friends and family and I DID NOT pay full price for a single gift I bought. I used the junk mail for inspiration, idea’s and savings! I enjoyed making my plan, ducking into the shops and purchasing the goodies and getting out again……no wandering aimlessly hoping I might find a suitable gift and then in desperation spending more than I wanted too.

I use this same method for birthday’s, Mothers Day and Fathers Day and anything in between. I don’t have a lot of free time to wander the shops, so I use the junk mail to help me plan and save a heap of money.

So sneak outside and while nobody is look, peel of the ‘No Junk Mail’ sign and let these brochures help you be more organised and save more money!

Please share your Frugal But Fabulous tips by adding your blog post to the Link Up below!

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Frugal But Fabulous Friday – The Start Of Something Wonderful!


Money is a touchy subject for many, you just have to read the newspaper or watch TV and you are filled with doom and gloom news of National economies in aweful shape and people struggling to make ends meet.

The lack of money can fill you with fear, anger and resentment. It is hard to watch others live the life of their dreams, whilst you might not be able to pay your bills and put food on the table.

Frugal does not have to mean tight-ass and terrible, it all depends on how you look at it. Being a miser, with the attitude that there is never enough will keep you in that state forever. However if you can view being frugal as a fabulous way to put your hard earned money to work as best as possible for you, and that by spending less with conscious choice allows you more money to pay down debt, start or increase your savings, or have funds left for investing, then that is the attitude that will see you succeed and move forward into a more positive financial picture.


I know what it is like to have absolutely nothing, I know how much it hurts, I know how stuck and angry you can feel. I also know that only I have to power to stay that way or make positive changes and improve my lot. No-one or nothing else is to blame, just me and how I react to what is going on. I have learnt my lessons the hard way, but learnt I have, and now I intend to share what I have learned and invite other bloggers from around the world to share their knowledge and build up a bank of useful resources that will let you see the value of being frugul and empower you to make good money choices and improve your fiscal future.

Frugal can be so much fun! Everyone I know call’s me the bargain queen, as I hate paying full price for anything! I get such a thrill from finding the things I want and need at a reduced price. I wish I could add up all the dollars I have saved over the years, it would be staggering. I am not one of those types who will be happy with just one of anything……I have a ‘thing’ for shoes, with over 60 pairs in my collection, I have NEVER paid full price for a single pair. I am all for fun and enjoying the good things in life, but I will never again get into debt to have these things, way to much pain involved in that!

Having money is fun, making good money choices is fun, gives you confidence and a feeling of control. No matter where you are now on the dollar scale, it is going to get better and we are going to enjoy the journey! Positive focus on cash, brings you more positive events and cash to be thankful for and celebrate with.


AN AWESOME AFFIRMATION – “I open my heart and mind to EASY financial well-being”

(Thank you Wendy from Open To Prosperity for this one, I just love it)

Please feel to share – that what this is all about!

You can share on Twitter using the hashtag #FBFfriday – my Twitter username is nixxmorgan, so lets get a conversation started!

Powerful Books For A Life Changing Year!

“Nothing changes unless you do!”

If your life is perfect, skip this post and a huge congratulations to you, you have it rocking!

BUT if your life is far from perfect, or even if just a couple of bits are just not the way you want them to be, then this post is definately for you. There is a wealth of wonderful books out there that can point you in the right direction of creating the life you desire, but I want to share a few of the one’s that have had a powerful positive affect on me.

Two years ago, my life as I new it came to a massive crashing end, and I spent many months living in anger, fear and saddness, I was on the verge of massive depression, but I new that the only way to change this pattern was to change myself and how I viewed everything that was going on around me. Blaming others or events, was not going to help. I had to start rebuilding my life, so I sunk my nose in books. They have been written for a purpose, to help guide us to a better life, if we choose to take what we learn on board and put it into action. I love reading, and I love the feeling of hope that starts to grow in my heart when the words show me a better way.



The first book is an oldy, but a very goody. I picked up this gem for $1.00 at a school fete and I am so very grateful that I did.

Count Your Blessings: The Healing Power of Gratitude and Love by Dr John F DeMartini, was the stepping stone for helping me move out of the ‘blame’ frame and into a ‘this is a blessing in disguise’, bloody awful disguise, frame of mind. I am amazed at what I have survived, the decisions I have made and proud of how far I have come. This book helps you turn any stressful situation into and inspiring learning experience. Sometimes we have to trust the blackness is the path to daylight! “Through the principles he presents a program which he guarantees will transform the negativity of your fears and problems into positive actions so that you become a stronger, healthier and more balanced person in control of your own destiny“. This books rocks and is an absolute must read for anyone!


If you are not totally in love with your money situation, then the second book is written by an Australian wonder women who went from $100000 is debt as a single mum trying to raise her two children, to a multi-millionaire, without winning lotto!

How To Be Wildly Wealthy Fast by Sandy Forster holds the key to financial freedom and gave me so many tools to help me stop focusing on the lack of money and start putting my energy into positive money feelings, and I have experienced a profound shift that I will continute to grow with the greatest of pleasure, simply because having money is FUN! “We all know that abundance is not simply about money. Yet money is important in everyone’s life, and this is a wonderful book for anyone who is facing a money challenge, or who simply wishes to create greater financial security. A fabulous mixture of practical ideas and spiritual tools for increasing money flow now“. If you don’t love and respect money, it won’t love and spend time with you!


The third book is a powerhouse of inspiration and tools to help you heal and move forward. I needed lot’s of that, and determined not to turn to a life of anti-depressants or alcohol. I needed to release the past and move forward – in leaps and bounds.

  Heal Yourself: Using the Scientifically Proven Mind-Body Connection to Manage Chronic Pain, Depression, Cancer and More by Dr Lynne Zimmerman is such an uplifting read, you can feel the joy rise through you, as you discover more and more about how powerful our mind is and we truly have the power to heal. “Science has proven that individuals suffering from pain and disease can, through simple exercises, ‘remap’ the circuitry in their brains to heal conditions such as chronic pain, depression, cancer and more“. All of the exercises are so simple, and after finding EFT so helpful in my journey, this really brought home to me how powerful yet simple this tool is. I had major mental blocks to overcome and I refer to this book again and again.


We are all amazing creations, and we all deserve to live a life full of joy, wonder and amazement, not lived trapped in the past or with limitations placed on us by others. Make 2013 the year, you take action and make the changes necessary to open to healing and success. No-one or no thing can do this for you. These three books are full of useful and practical tools that ANYONE can use. Some may seem a little ‘woo woo’ to you, but it’s the act of simply trying to make a change, whether you believe or not that these things can work, is taking a step in the right direction.

What is your favourite self-help book, that I can add to my list of must reads?


* (This post contains affiliate links that allows me to earn a small percentage of the sale price. These books have been recommended because they have been so powerful in helping me.)

An Easy Way To Start Saving Money!

Savings are vital for peace of mind and growing your prosperity!

Having savings lets you make choices, but in these tough times that many people are experiencing, having anything left at the end of the week can be close to impossible.

Regular savings, even of the tiniest amount can bring a great sense of satisfaction, shows the universe that you are serious about taking control of your financial future and can provide a buffer for absolute emergencies.

No doubt you have seen this chart over the last few days, it has appeared on my Facebook feed quite a few times.


I am really in love with this idea, as it lets you start with small steps and slowly increase the amount each week, AND at the end of the year you will have well over $1000.00 in the bank. The trick is to just start and to NOT touch it. It will be very tempting when you see that gorgeous new pair of shoes that you just HAVE to possess and if you take the money out of this account you won’t even have to explain them too your partner.

I am definately going to take this challenge, and as it is the start of a new year, why not take it too, and enjoy having this cash nicely stashed away by New Years Eve.

I have savings accounts attached to my everyday accounts, so with the help of internet banking I am making Sunday – Savings Day. Every Sunday I will internet bank the required amount into my savings account, and I am choosing the one that charges a $2.50 fee if I make a withdrawal. A very good incentive for me to not touch it, as I find bank fee’s one of the biggest robbers and rip-off’s of my hard earned cash!

As we are in the second week of the New Year, today I am depositing $3.00 into that account so that I am up to speed.

Some of you will be saying – there is NO WAY I can find that cash to spare to put into a savings account.

A change of mindset to “I WILL” find a way, will help you discover the dollars you need to start successfully saving.

Here are a few ways that you can find the extra dollars to put away for savings:-

* Start by looking at your spending, is there a single item you buy every week that you really could do without?

* What can you sell on Ebay, Gumtree or in the Weekend Shopper that you really don’t need?

* A little part time job like delivering junk mail, walking dogs, selling craft you make, or baby sitting – can help increase the budget by a few dollars.

* Can you buy Homebrand products instead of big name items, the savings can be enormous.

* Can you walk instead of driving or taking public transport.

* Eat at home, not at restaurants or having take-away.

Use your imagination and desire to save to help you find ways to get the cash in the bank!

The other thing that is not taken into account with the above table is INTEREST!

My account pays interest when I make deposits, but not withdrawals, so I will have even more in my account by the end of the year. YAY!

Say YES to savings and start your account now!


What Attitude Is Going To Move You Through 2013, Abundance Or Lack?

2013 can be the most amazing year of your life or it can be another year of struggle, you get to choose!

What are you going to pick?


This chart appeared on my Facebook newsfeed the other day and I just absolutely love this.

It really is amazing how some of our behaviours can affect our overall abundance. Some of them you commit easily, regularly and they can keep you trapped in lack, not a good place to be!

Many of these things we do completely unaware of the effect they have on our energy that we transmit. What we send out, we get back, it as simple as that.

Be honest with yourself, how many of the actions in the yellow box do you partake in regularly?

Thoughts and words are powerful, choose yours wisely and open to a new level of abundance!

When you stop “Needing” – You can start “Receiving”

When we don’t have what we want, and we don’t know how we are going to get it, we tend to live in a state of ‘need’!

‘Needing’ things sends a BIG/BOLD/ANNOYING message out to the universe that we are needy, and guess what, the universe delivers just that, more things we NEED, instead of giving us the things we desire.

NEEDING something is such a negative vibration, but one we often turn to when we really want something.

“I really need new tyres on my car”

“I really need a holiday”

“I really need a new job, I hate this one”

When you use the word ‘need’ you are coming from a place of lack. When you are in a place of abundance, if new tyres were required you would simply book your car in and have new ones put on. Need usually means that you can’t have what you want right now.

It is so important to not focus in this negative place of need, and find a way to re-word what you really desire, so the energy you send out is returned with positive results. I have two favourite ways of re-wording the things I would like, simply choose the one you prefer or use them both. Putting your desires out there with the force of positive energy behind them, brings much better results, quickly!

The first one is I AM SAY YES TO…………






“I AM SAYING YES……..TO WHAT EVER IT IS YOU WANT”……..feel the energy difference when you list all the things you ‘need’ and replace your thoughts with ‘I am say yes to……..”

The second one is I AM LOVING………. 





It does not matter what you would love to have in your life……..use the words I AM LOVING in front of the desire and just feel the positive energy you are placing on that desire!

Changing the way you talk to yourself is a powerful way to change what you see in your life. Spend a few minutes making a list of all the things you desire, and re-write your script using either of the above starts, both work well, simply pick the one that makes you feel the best and use these newly created affirmations to help draw into your life the things you truly desire.

You are energy after all and so is everything on that list, so get into positive mode and watch the changes that take place.

What do you have to stop NEEDING?

Being Frugal Can Be Fun – Wonderful Ways To Avoid Paying Retail!

Being frugal is not the same as being stingy – frugal can be fun and have a wonderful effect on your bank balance!

Frugal is spending less but not going without.

Frugal is making clever choices so you don’t pay more than you need to.

Frugal is a clever way to find funds to build your savings.

Being frugal can be fun!!!!!!

GETTING GORGEOUS:- A lovely facial or massage is something we all deserve and we don’t have to spend a fortune getting it, where ever there is a Beauty Training School, there is absolutely bargain priced beauty treatments. The students need the practice and under full supervision will have you looking and feeling gorgeous for next to nothing.

HOMEBRAND HERO’S:- Don’t be such a snob and turn away from the huge selection of Homebrand products in the supermarket. Now, whilst you will NEVER find homebrand toilet paper in my house, all my baking is done with homebrand flour, sugar, butter etc. Works exactly the same as the more expensive brands!

GROW YOUR OWN:- No large garden patches required! A container or two, can reap you a harvest of fresh herbs and vegetables. They taste so much better and you simply pick what you need each day. Tomatoes, strawberries, capsicum, chilli, zucchini and more will fill your salad bowl with yumminess.

LOVE YOUR LIBRARY:- I love my local library, and fortunately it is only a few minutes down the road. New books, old favourites, novels, reference, DVD’s, CD’s and magazines all free. For one month I can have up to 20 titles to peruse at home at my leisure. I can sit down at the library and read all the latest magazines, saves a fortune for a bookworm like me.

EBAY:- Before you buy anything retail, make sure you check availability on Ebay for the exact same thing. My daughter wanted blonde hairpieces for physie comps, $79.95 retail, she got 2 gorgeous ones for under $30.00 each delivered from the UK! We have bought false eyelashes, craft supplies, perfume, diamond earrings and much more for amazing prices.

SHOP AFTER 4pm:- Supermarkets reduce meat, dairy, produce and bakery items late in the afternoon. Stock your freezer with goodies at a fraction of the price. The quietest store near you will have the best bargains.

COLLECT COUPONS:- Discounts driving lessons, free or very cheap coffee, discount holiday’s, you name it dockets have it. Check the back of yours and use what suits you. If you really want to get into docket mode, visit www.clevercoupons.com.au or www.hotdockets.com.au for printable bargains.

DON’T DISMISS DFO:-  I have had many successful trips to DFO and we have 2 in Brisbane to choose from. On my last visit I got 3 pairs of flats – 1 Bronze, 1 Gold and 1 Black for $2.00 a pair AND they are leather. Some visits don’t result in super scores, but more often than not we score big time!

SWAP, RATHER THAN SHOP:- A quick online search will help you find clothing swap meets, houseswapping and more. What you no longer need may be just what will make someones heart sing with joy.

HAGGLE:- Cash is king, especially when it comes to large ticket items such as electricals. Offer to pay cash rather than on your card, the store saves on merchant fee’s and if you wave a bundle of green in front of them, they WILL find you a discount!

COMPARE COSTS:- Iselect will help you ensure you are getting the best value for your health insurance dollar, you can also do the same with electricity providers. A few minutes researching banking online can help you find the perfect account/s or credit card deals that are best for you. Old habbits keep you sticking with the same provider, but huge savings from telco’s and internet providers can save you big bucks.

STOCK UP ON SPECIALS:- When your favourite items are on sale, stock up with extra’s. I really only do this for long life items as too much fresh produce tends to not get used on time and my bargains still end up in the bin. When my favourite shampoo and conditioners are 50% off, I stock up. Frozen berries are another favourite I like to hoard in the freezer.

ATM AWARENESS:- Do not through your hard earned money out the window by using a teller machine that is not one of your banks! If one of your bank’s machines are not close by, use your card at a store and get cash out, this is always available at supermarkets and large chain stores, without having to make a purchase.


Making wise shopping choices a fun thing, so you have more money to reduce debt, invest or save will help your energy around money attract more. If you go frugal and feel as though you are just missing out, you will always keep missing out. It is all about how you feel about the choices you make.

What is your favourite FRUGAL habit or do you simply not have a FRUGAL bone in your body?

Global Champagne Day – Celebrating Life In Style!


Bubbles and I are the best of friends, and for as long as I can remember, no celebration is complete without a beautiful bottle of Champagne to enjoy!

Life is meant to be celebrated and it sad that so often we don’t pop the cork unless there is a reason, why not indulge and raise a glass simply in honour of being alive and enjoying life!!!!!!

Make today that day, and not only enjoy a glass of Champagne, add a little to your dinner tonight with these delicious oysters, I have made them and they are just sublime!

This delightful and easy recipe can be found at Taste.com.au, why not spoil that special someone in your life tonight!

For some easy twists you can add to Champage, including the most amazing and elegant party drink – Strawberry Punch recipe, click here.

Spending the night alone – never fear the piccolo is here, the perfect solution in a gorgeous little bottle!

The Champagne Gods have been very kind to Nikki from Styling You  and on her blog today she is sharing some wonderful ways you can save money on clothes, so that your ice bucket can be filled with these beauties too!

Your budget today might not stretch to allowing French Champagne into your glass, there are plenty of well priced Australian bubbles waiting in the bottle shop for you to take home tonight.

Celebrate the end of the week and how wonderful YOU are with a glass or two of little bubbles tonight – YOU ARE WORTH IT!

What is your favourite sparkles?

50 Valuable Life Lessons I Am Teaching My Teenage Girls

My two daughters are my pride and joy, my daily delight, and the best thing that EVER happened to me!

I want them to grow up and become passionate, successful and live amazing lives. Everything I teach them now and have done so in the past is already forming who they will become. I have made some silly mistakes, not so crash hot choices and paid the price in my life, causing me to doubt my ability and allowing fear to often rule my choices.

I have the most awesome mum, but she was not one for dishing out advice, good or bad, and I want to do things a little differently with my girls, not just provide them with all the love I have to share, but help build them into fabulous women.

A beautiful creation from Design Me Vintage that I adore!


  1. I will always LOVE you no matter what you do.
  2. Be Honest, lies come back and bite you.
  3. A good man will NOT try to change you but will accept you just the way you are.
  4. A girl can never have enough pairs of shoes.
  5. Make your mirror your best friend, look in it daily with a big smile on your face and give thanks for all the bits you love.
  6. From the day you receive your first dollar, discover the wonders of saving.
  7. Nuture a love for books and reading.
  8. Don’t jump to conclusions, seek out the facts first.
  9. Safe sex protects your future, don’t rely on anyone else to provide what is needed.
  10. Sunscreen is the best beauty product you can rely on, use it everyday.
  11. There will always be bitches that cross your path, learn to to pass them by with grace.
  12. Have the courage to share your point of view, but don’t lose all your friends by ALWAYS having to be right.
  13. Learn to love exercise, a strong body will carry you through life with ease.
  14. You must never try to change another person, accept them for who they are.
  15. It is not OK to end a relationship via a text message.
  16. Do not get involved in an online arguement or bitch session.
  17. It is OK to drink Champagne at breakfast time, but never anything else.
  18. Magazine models are airbrushed, such perfection rarely exists in the real world, don’t fall into the trap of believing you must look like that.
  19. Be the best friend you can be, just like you want your friends to be for you.
  20. There will always be a bed and cuddle at home for you.
  21. Food is an absolute joy and should be savoured.
  22. You can BE, DO or HAVE anything.
  23. Do not do DEBT, it can destroy the best relationships.
  24. If you can’t afford to pay cash, you can’t afford it.
  25. Music is one of the best ways to lift your spirits.
  26. Don’t get involved in gossip, more often than not, it is mostly lies.
  27. Never believe anyone that says you CAN’T, because you can.
  28. Don’t ever stop tears from falling, they release pain and sorrow, making space for love and happiness.
  29. Find your passion and follow it.
  30. Being able to say sorry, is a strength not a weakness.
  31. Marry your best friend.
  32. Learn to listen before you speak.
  33. You can call me ANYTIME, no matter what.
  34. Never allow peer pressure make you do something you don’t want, they are NOT your friends if they make you do things against your will.
  35. Movies are magical masterpieces, not the real world.
  36. Learn to trust your intuition, it will never let you down.
  37. Don’t be afraid to fight for what you truly believe in.
  38. Have a go – if you fail – learn the lesson and move on.
  39. Make time for your friends and family.
  40. See the world, it is an amazing place to learn and grow.
  41. Don’t live your life on Facebook.
  42. Good Manners will open doors and hearts.
  43. Your heart will ‘feel’ like it has broken, but it really is unbreakable.
  44. Share what you have.
  45. Sometimes you just have to let go.
  46. You don’t always have to have the last word.
  47. Be thankful for EVERYTHING you have.
  48. Jealousy is a powerful curse.
  49. Step outside your comfort zone, awesomenes is waiting.
  50. You will always be my baby, and I will do my best to let go and let you grow.

xxxx love you both 🙂


What is the most valuable lesson you are teaching your children?  


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