Being Frugal Can Be Fun – Wonderful Ways To Avoid Paying Retail!

Being frugal is not the same as being stingy – frugal can be fun and have a wonderful effect on your bank balance!

Frugal is spending less but not going without.

Frugal is making clever choices so you don’t pay more than you need to.

Frugal is a clever way to find funds to build your savings.

Being frugal can be fun!!!!!!

GETTING GORGEOUS:- A lovely facial or massage is something we all deserve and we don’t have to spend a fortune getting it, where ever there is a Beauty Training School, there is absolutely bargain priced beauty treatments. The students need the practice and under full supervision will have you looking and feeling gorgeous for next to nothing.

HOMEBRAND HERO’S:- Don’t be such a snob and turn away from the huge selection of Homebrand products in the supermarket. Now, whilst you will NEVER find homebrand toilet paper in my house, all my baking is done with homebrand flour, sugar, butter etc. Works exactly the same as the more expensive brands!

GROW YOUR OWN:- No large garden patches required! A container or two, can reap you a harvest of fresh herbs and vegetables. They taste so much better and you simply pick what you need each day. Tomatoes, strawberries, capsicum, chilli, zucchini and more will fill your salad bowl with yumminess.

LOVE YOUR LIBRARY:- I love my local library, and fortunately it is only a few minutes down the road. New books, old favourites, novels, reference, DVD’s, CD’s and magazines all free. For one month I can have up to 20 titles to peruse at home at my leisure. I can sit down at the library and read all the latest magazines, saves a fortune for a bookworm like me.

EBAY:- Before you buy anything retail, make sure you check availability on Ebay for the exact same thing. My daughter wanted blonde hairpieces for physie comps, $79.95 retail, she got 2 gorgeous ones for under $30.00 each delivered from the UK! We have bought false eyelashes, craft supplies, perfume, diamond earrings and much more for amazing prices.

SHOP AFTER 4pm:- Supermarkets reduce meat, dairy, produce and bakery items late in the afternoon. Stock your freezer with goodies at a fraction of the price. The quietest store near you will have the best bargains.

COLLECT COUPONS:- Discounts driving lessons, free or very cheap coffee, discount holiday’s, you name it dockets have it. Check the back of yours and use what suits you. If you really want to get into docket mode, visit or for printable bargains.

DON’T DISMISS DFO:-  I have had many successful trips to DFO and we have 2 in Brisbane to choose from. On my last visit I got 3 pairs of flats – 1 Bronze, 1 Gold and 1 Black for $2.00 a pair AND they are leather. Some visits don’t result in super scores, but more often than not we score big time!

SWAP, RATHER THAN SHOP:- A quick online search will help you find clothing swap meets, houseswapping and more. What you no longer need may be just what will make someones heart sing with joy.

HAGGLE:- Cash is king, especially when it comes to large ticket items such as electricals. Offer to pay cash rather than on your card, the store saves on merchant fee’s and if you wave a bundle of green in front of them, they WILL find you a discount!

COMPARE COSTS:- Iselect will help you ensure you are getting the best value for your health insurance dollar, you can also do the same with electricity providers. A few minutes researching banking online can help you find the perfect account/s or credit card deals that are best for you. Old habbits keep you sticking with the same provider, but huge savings from telco’s and internet providers can save you big bucks.

STOCK UP ON SPECIALS:- When your favourite items are on sale, stock up with extra’s. I really only do this for long life items as too much fresh produce tends to not get used on time and my bargains still end up in the bin. When my favourite shampoo and conditioners are 50% off, I stock up. Frozen berries are another favourite I like to hoard in the freezer.

ATM AWARENESS:- Do not through your hard earned money out the window by using a teller machine that is not one of your banks! If one of your bank’s machines are not close by, use your card at a store and get cash out, this is always available at supermarkets and large chain stores, without having to make a purchase.


Making wise shopping choices a fun thing, so you have more money to reduce debt, invest or save will help your energy around money attract more. If you go frugal and feel as though you are just missing out, you will always keep missing out. It is all about how you feel about the choices you make.

What is your favourite FRUGAL habit or do you simply not have a FRUGAL bone in your body?

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