Planning For A Perfect Christmas – 9 Weeks To Go!

Time For Tea! – The Perfect, Healthy And Tasty Gift! 

The humble ‘cuppa’ is not only good for you, with a little imagination, it can be used as wonderful presents for family and friends.

No longer the domain of Grandma’s, tea is now popular amoung all age groups, thanks to the opening of wonderful stores like T2!

Found this gorgeous hand made card image here, just looked so perfect for this post.

Tea is full of anti-oxidants and can be so much more than just a plain black tea. There are hundreds of blends and for those who don’t usually enjoy a black tea based drink, there are wonderful flower/fruit blends they could sip.

Drinking tea helps protect the body from free-radical damage and can help protect you from the following health issues:-

Heart Disease:- One cup of black tea per day can help to the lining of the arteries softer and more flexible, aiding in the reduction of blood presure and the risk of heart attack.

 Osteoporosis:- Elderly women who are tea drinker have a higher bone density. Partly due to the alkalining ability of tea to help balance the body and reduce calcium being leached from bones.

Cancer:- 3 cups of Tea per day can help reduce the risk of gatrick, oeophageal, skin, prostrate and ovarian cancer.

Weight Loss:- Green tea increases your metabolic rate, encouraging the burning of calories.

ALL great reasons to take up tea drinking if you are not already hooked like I am!

With a little imagination, your tea can be presented in an awesome tin like this one found here.

The most important part is to make sure you have really good quality tea as the basis of your gifts, and the best one stop shop for over 200 different flavours of SUPERB quality tea, is just a click away! ELMSTOCK is the supplier of the tea we use at work, where we have gorgeous High Tea and the like, so it is vital that we use a superior quality tea. Elmstock have all the traditional favourites like English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Lady Grey, and Assam, but they also have beautiful green, green blends, floral, fruit and herb teas.

Some of my absolute favourites are Raspberries and Cream and Caramel Magique!

For those that do not like drinking hot tea as a rule, Elmstock also have some fruit/flower blends such as Barbados, Dream Of Fruits, Wild Berries and Lemon Zing, that can be brewed, allowed to cool, sweetened with a dash of Vanilla Flavoured Syrup (available in the coffee section of the supermarket), placed in a jug with lot’s of ice cubes and made into a very refreshing iced tea, which is perfect for our hot summers!

So go online now, order a selection of inviting teas, package them up in pretty tins, canisters or boxes and give the gift of health and great taste – perfect!

* This is not a sponsered post, I just like to share brands that I know offer superior products or services that I have personally used myself.

What is your favourite tea? What new flavour should I discover?

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