Frugal But Fabulous Friday – The Start Of Something Wonderful!


Money is a touchy subject for many, you just have to read the newspaper or watch TV and you are filled with doom and gloom news of National economies in aweful shape and people struggling to make ends meet.

The lack of money can fill you with fear, anger and resentment. It is hard to watch others live the life of their dreams, whilst you might not be able to pay your bills and put food on the table.

Frugal does not have to mean tight-ass and terrible, it all depends on how you look at it. Being a miser, with the attitude that there is never enough will keep you in that state forever. However if you can view being frugal as a fabulous way to put your hard earned money to work as best as possible for you, and that by spending less with conscious choice allows you more money to pay down debt, start or increase your savings, or have funds left for investing, then that is the attitude that will see you succeed and move forward into a more positive financial picture.


I know what it is like to have absolutely nothing, I know how much it hurts, I know how stuck and angry you can feel. I also know that only I have to power to stay that way or make positive changes and improve my lot. No-one or nothing else is to blame, just me and how I react to what is going on. I have learnt my lessons the hard way, but learnt I have, and now I intend to share what I have learned and invite other bloggers from around the world to share their knowledge and build up a bank of useful resources that will let you see the value of being frugul and empower you to make good money choices and improve your fiscal future.

Frugal can be so much fun! Everyone I know call’s me the bargain queen, as I hate paying full price for anything! I get such a thrill from finding the things I want and need at a reduced price. I wish I could add up all the dollars I have saved over the years, it would be staggering. I am not one of those types who will be happy with just one of anything……I have a ‘thing’ for shoes, with over 60 pairs in my collection, I have NEVER paid full price for a single pair. I am all for fun and enjoying the good things in life, but I will never again get into debt to have these things, way to much pain involved in that!

Having money is fun, making good money choices is fun, gives you confidence and a feeling of control. No matter where you are now on the dollar scale, it is going to get better and we are going to enjoy the journey! Positive focus on cash, brings you more positive events and cash to be thankful for and celebrate with.


AN AWESOME AFFIRMATION – “I open my heart and mind to EASY financial well-being”

(Thank you Wendy from Open To Prosperity for this one, I just love it)

Please feel to share – that what this is all about!

You can share on Twitter using the hashtag #FBFfriday – my Twitter username is nixxmorgan, so lets get a conversation started!

14 thoughts on “Frugal But Fabulous Friday – The Start Of Something Wonderful!

    1. Thanks Di, have been meaning to do this for a while, and finally took the plunge, and I am really looking forward to growing it! 🙂

  1. I wish I could make frugal fun. I am always living payday to payday and I hate it. I’m a compulsive shopper and I’m so hopeless at saying no to my nagging four year old when we go to the shops. One of my goals for this year is to manage my money better. I’ll be following keenly for further tips!

    1. Hi Vanessa, Frugal can be fun, the magic trick is to start small, even tiny if you have too, but with the attitude that you ARE doing something positive to change. 🙂

  2. I wish I had the power to be frugal and stick to a budget. I am a spender. I have money in the bank so it means that I must go and spend it, be on food, the movies or on clothes. It will get spent.

    Must learn. Must.

    Thank you for sharing your blog on We Heart Life yesterday xx

    1. Why not try saving just a tiny bit, into an account that you simply can’t access easily and watch it grow. That can often be enough to start a change in spending habits. Might be worth a try 🙂

  3. I personally think the more money a person has the more complicated life can be. Having less of it makes you a little more creative and imaginative on how to make life exciting.

  4. We all know more or less what frugal means. It basically means living a life which involves spending less money than before. Of course, a frugal life involves so much more than that. That’s because there are so many different frugal philosophies that people live by. Frugal means different things to different people. Some of the words that people use interchangeably with being frugal are negative words that mean something a little bit different, usually referring to a level of frugal that has been taken to the extreme. Other words serve to better define the positive aspects of frugality. For that reason it’s important that we learn other words by which to describe our frugal choices. Knowing the right language can help us choose the terms that best fit our money-saving ways.

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