What Attitude Is Going To Move You Through 2013, Abundance Or Lack?

2013 can be the most amazing year of your life or it can be another year of struggle, you get to choose!

What are you going to pick?


This chart appeared on my Facebook newsfeed the other day and I just absolutely love this.

It really is amazing how some of our behaviours can affect our overall abundance. Some of them you commit easily, regularly and they can keep you trapped in lack, not a good place to be!

Many of these things we do completely unaware of the effect they have on our energy that we transmit. What we send out, we get back, it as simple as that.

Be honest with yourself, how many of the actions in the yellow box do you partake in regularly?

Thoughts and words are powerful, choose yours wisely and open to a new level of abundance!

14 thoughts on “What Attitude Is Going To Move You Through 2013, Abundance Or Lack?

  1. Great graphic – summarises the points really well.
    As they say ‘what we focus on expands’. I don’t think most people realise how their thoughts, words and behaviours attract things into their lives

    1. Hi Dot, you are so right, especially us females who can so easily get caught in a little bitch session or snide comment or 10 when we see an skirt that is too short, or something just as trivial. It definately shuts down our positive vibration and helps to keep us stuck!

  2. I love this chart as well. I’ve actually had behaviors in both sides of the chart. I’ve found that the actions in the Green do in fact move me forward. The ones in the yellow…well, I don’t MOVE. I am stagnant, unhappy, stressed, and leave me feeling, for lack of a better word, BLEH. Thanks for sharing this chart! It really puts it all in an easy comprehend format. Green=personal growth for the new year!

    1. Hi Kim, Go With Green, it is one of the powerful colours that can activate postive flow in the heart chakra. Wear Green, fill your world with Green, paint your nails green! Good luck!

  3. saw this chart too on my facebook feed and loved it! this year i’m really trying to start making more plans and goals. it’s one thing i’ve been unsuccessful of.. i think it’s just an indication of productivity vs. laziness.. and that’s what’s held me back for so long!

    1. Hi Janet, try little mini steps, and allow yourself too feel really good when you have accomplished each one. Definately helps build momentum instead of procrastinating and starting on a big project. Good luck for 2013.

    1. Hi Trisha, good luck and it might help if you find an affirmation that does not include ‘hope’, but I AM ……. very powerful!

  4. 2013 is going to be about abundance, certainly 😀 I confess to not following through with my goals (I love setting them, though), maybe this year will be different.

    1. Hi Sonia, good luck with those goals, what I have learned is to break each one down into mini steps, that you can take each day. Seems to help me actually acheive things I want to get done 🙂

  5. I appreciate this image and the reminder to think about the stuff I want, not the stuff I think I don’t have. I’ve been well-blessed, and any minor irritation is not a reason to forget the good stuff.

    And it’s all good stuff. Every problem brings its own gift.

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