2013 Is Going To Be Awesome!


I love New Year’s, it really does seem like a brand new book has opened and all the pages are ready to be filled.

It’s just a matter of deciding what to fill them with!


The true reality is that every day is the first day of a new year stretching out in front of you, but I scrubbed, cleaned and cleared before the stroke of midnight last night, as I love the whole fresh start stuff.

Many New Year’s of mine have started with a long list of resolutions, most of which did not eventuate, as I simply did not allow them, spending way to much time focusing on what was not right in my world, instead of counting the blessing I did have, and there are many.

So this year, there will be no ‘resolving’ from this little black duck, no way, I am taking it up a notch and setting INTENTIONS.

A much more powerful way to let the universe know what I have in mind for this wonderful year ahead! I am sending the message out loud and clear, that I intend to succeed and move forward with ease and grace.

2012 was a year filled with hard work, setting down of positive foundations for the next step, learning valuable lessons and feeling happier more often than feeling sad, a very pleasant change indeed!

My list of INTENTIONS is LLLLOOOOONNNNNG!!!!! and I am not going to start the year with typers cramp, but to give you a very general idea of where 2013 is heading, it goes like this:-

I intend to experience more joy and happiness.

I intend to honour my needs, wants and desires.

I intend to allow things to be EASY…….

My POWER AFFIRMATION is – “This is my year to shine. I leave the past behind and move forward with ease and grace”.

Wishing you the most amazing and wonderful year ahead!

Have you REALLY decided what you want to acheive and write in the pages of your book for 2013?

2 thoughts on “2013 Is Going To Be Awesome!

  1. What a wonderful start to 2013 for you! I love your intentions and the thought that really catches my eye is your definition of intentions. Letting the universe know what it is you want and moving forward with ease and grace. I love that visual. Best of luck to you =)

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