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Yes, I am definately a self-confessed, junk-mail-aholic, and for good reason, using junk mail, saves me a fortune!!!!


I realise so many of you will be shaking your head in total disgust, and wonder what do I see in the huge piles of paper that get delivered each week. That precious trees had to be chopped down, and that they only tempt you to spend more. Now I don’t totally disagree with all your reasons for slapping a “NO JUNK MAIL” sign on your letterbox, but as the companies are going to print them regardless, and the person delivering them is trying to earn an extra few dollars for the family. I am happy to put them to use and save big bucks!

Like most people, I have my favourite brands and even though I am happy to try new things, I often return to the fav’s when stocks need replenishing. I am fortunate to have a Woolworths, Coles, IGA  and Aldi close by, so I can take advantage of the specials on offer at any of the main supermarket chains. Many of the items that we enjoy form part of the regular 4 – 6 week discount cycle used by the big supermarkets. So when the items I like are reduced, I stock up (non-perishable or freezable). T
here are a few things that I simply loathe paying full price for because I think they are a expensive for what they are  but we love them and when they are on sale I stock up – toilet paper, milo and peanut butter and ice-cream are 4 that come to mind.

I also find using supermarket junk-mail a great way to menu plan. Each week a quick flick will show me the specials and I plan a weeks meals using products we enjoy eating. It helps me use meat that I have in the freezer and only buy the vegetables and pantry supplies that I need, rather than wandering the aisles trying to find inspiration and getting home to discover that one important ingredient is still sitting on the shelf and not in my pantry!

Christmas has just been and I can happily say, no credit cards were used to provide presents for my friends and family and I DID NOT pay full price for a single gift I bought. I used the junk mail for inspiration, idea’s and savings! I enjoyed making my plan, ducking into the shops and purchasing the goodies and getting out again……no wandering aimlessly hoping I might find a suitable gift and then in desperation spending more than I wanted too.

I use this same method for birthday’s, Mothers Day and Fathers Day and anything in between. I don’t have a lot of free time to wander the shops, so I use the junk mail to help me plan and save a heap of money.

So sneak outside and while nobody is look, peel of the ‘No Junk Mail’ sign and let these brochures help you be more organised and save more money!

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