How to Get the Best Out of Your Backyard!

How to Get the Best Out of Your Backyard!

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Backyards are where special memories are made. Childhood memories of climbing trees, playing all manner of games or just lying on your back looking at the clouds floating by… these are powerful links to our younger days and we’d all like our children to have the opportunity to form similar recollections. Sadly, many yards these days are overgrown jungles or barren deserts of hard, sun-baked dirt. Luckily, reputable turf suppliers and installers, such as Hancey’s Turf, are available to help turn your hard, dry dust bowl into a lush grassy area ripe for the creation of childhood memories. Get your backyard restored to its former glory and then get involved with our tips for getting the most out of it. If you are in California and want to have a pond installed I recommend hiring Southern California pond designers, their ponds are absolutely beautiful.


You don’t have to have a pool to enjoy fun in the backyard!

Backyard Sports

Recreate your childhood days with a massive game of backyard cricket, football or soccer with all of the neighbourhood children. With everyone running around barefoot on the cool soft grass instead of those sharp pointy weeds that previously ruled your backyard, sweet memories are sure to be made. Jumpers for goalposts and unfairly matched teams – that’s what it’s all about. And don’t forget to expect tantrums when someone doesn’t get picked for the team that they want to be on!

Sprinkler Parties

Get into your swimming costume (or underpants, if you don’t have swimmers handy – just make sure the fences are high because you don’t want to scare the neighbours) and skip, jump, leap and frolic through the deliciously cool sprinkler jets on a hot summer’s day. Nothing invokes those younger, carefree days more than dancing about on luscious grass as you’re sprayed with a sprinkler or hose.

Lay Back

After all that activity of sports and sprinklers, you’ll be needing a rest so lay back and catch your breath, cushioned (not pricked!) by the gloriously forgiving grass of freshly returfed backyard. Do you remember that feeling? As you lay back, looking up at the calm, blue sky and drifting fluffy clouds, allow yourself to indulge in the feeling of beautifully soft grass cushioning your weary body in its embrace. Now that’s a sensation that recalls childhood, is it not?

Just Look at it

Cast a well-pleased eye over your freshly returfed backyard – see how it gleams in the sunlight, green and full of life – and compare its current state of magnificence to the hard, brown mud flat that it was prior to returfing. Now drink in the beauty of your newly created oasis and smile. Perhaps there will be a few children scampering about on this gorgeous natural carpet or a beloved pet chasing a ball? These are the memories that you can create once you take the step and decide to do away with those prickly patches of weeds and rock-hard mud zones that currently make up your backyard. Now you can host house parties without hiding the backyard behind closed curtains!

With your backyard looking like new, there’s a huge range of activities that you and your family can enjoy in the space.

What are your favourite backyard memories? Share them below.

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