The ‘Spirit Junkie’ Sweeps Across Australia!

Unless you are living under a rock, you might have noticed that ‘Gabbiemania’ has had it’s grip on Australia this week. The ‘Spirit Junkie’ held shows in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney during the week to sold out adoring crowds.

Still really peeved that I did not get to go, but hey she will be back, so next time I am in!

For those of you that have no idea what I am talking about, the ‘Spirit Junkie’ in real life is Gabrielle Bernstein, an ex cocaine addict who has turned her life around is now a modern day guru of happiness and healing.

What she teaches is not new, she just has a fabulous way of explaining to you how to incorporate age-old spiritual habits in to modern day life.

The Spirit Junkie comes to Australia

You can find out all about her best selling books and more here!

I have been on her mailing list for a long time. Her emails I actually open!

There has to be more to adulthood than hard work so that you can buy the latest and greatest of things or just pay the bills. Apart from being blessed with two gorgeous girls (one very good reason I am here today), I am determined to find a better way to live my life and connect with my true purpose and power.

I have been stalking the Australian Spirit Junkie Facebook page for quite some time now, and not once has there been a single negative/detrimental post, just the most amazing positive feed back. A very rare occurrence indeed as there is usually always a whinger or two in a large group.

For those of you who would like some guidance in your journey here is some of things that were suggested/loved by those that made it to one of the sessions.

BOOKS – In addition to Gabrielle’s books, of course….

Living in the light – Shakti Eawain.

Return to love – Maryanne Williamson.

A course in miracles – Dr Helen Schucman.

MUSIC & MANTRAS – There was much talk of a powerful mantra –

“Ek Ong Kar Sat Gur Prasad” accompanied with beautiful music. It was soon revealed that this was the work of Jai-Jagdeesh and you can purchase the album for download from Spirit Voyage. I had this downloaded and on to my ipod in a flash. Incredibly soothing, I let this play as I drift off to sleep.

I have let stress and worry rule my life for way to long. If nothing else, this year is the year I find the tools and actually put them to use to help me get off the cortisol fuelled path.

(There are no affiliate links included in the above post, just sharing things that light my fire)

Did you get to see Gabbie?

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