Fabulous Friends and Turning 50!

Turning 50

I was neither excited nor upset that my 50th birthday was rolling around this month.

The only thing I knew for certain was that I was NOT going to be organising a big party.

They might be the normal way to celebrate turning the big 50, but I had no interest or time to be solely responsible for coming up with a venue, catering, drinks and all that other stuff.

After moving house in November, rolling straight into Christmas in December and then a birthday in January, I really just wanted to run away. I love organising parties for other people, but not so keen having to do my own.

Just before Christmas I was on the phone to a friend of mine in Adelaide that I have know for 37 years. One of those great friends that you might not talk too all the time, but when you do, conversation just flows as though you just chatted last week.

She asked me the standard question of the time, ‘what are you doing for your birthday’ and got the ‘I don’t know’ reply.

‘You could always come down here’ was the prompt reply.

When I hung up, I went into Miss WW’s room and asked her what she thought of that idea, and funnily enough, both Miss WW’s had been hatching a plan to see if they could organise for us to go down there and keep it a surprise.

Needless to say, before the day was over, flights were booked and the plan laid.

It turned out to be the best idea ever!

It was fabulous to spend time with a wonderful couple who feel like family and treat you like royalty.

Birthdays require bubbles

Birthdays require bubbles, of which there was plenty.

And fresh crayfish.

And prawns.

Better Than Sex Bakery birthday cupcakes

And cupcakes from BTS…….that would be ‘Better Than Sex’ bakery, I kid you not!

And just totally relaxing fun, laughter and cheer.

Five days were filled with food, fun, shopping, Haigh’s chocolates and panda’s!

Panda at Adelaide Zoo

Yes, the real black and white fluffy variety at Adelaide Zoo.

Ever since they arrived in Australia I had promised to take the girls down to see them, and we finally got there.

We were totally blown away with how close we actually got to these big balls of gorgeousness.

This tired and stressed out mumma, had the best birthday ever, just the sort she needed.

Thanks to two amazing friends who opened their home to us and ensured we had the best time.

I have still got some birthday events to go to, as one day is just simply not enough, a month or maybe the whole damn year is a bit more like it!

Stuff convention, I threw it all to the wind and had an awesome 50th for it!

What are you doing for your next milestone birthday?

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11 thoughts on “Fabulous Friends and Turning 50!

  1. Happy 50th Birthday!! I turned 50 in May 2014 and I didn’t want a party either. I just wanted to escape (housework, cooking, routine, my own 4 walls). I went to a gorgeous cottage in the mountains with hubby for a few nights (Montville) that overlooked a lake and was set in beautiful nature. It had a spa and a fireplace. It was just what I was after and was a lovely get away. Also had dinner at my parents house with family on my actual birthday. 🙂 xo

  2. LOL you sound like me – for my 40th I ran away to a deserted island. Well not really, we spent a week on Coochiemudlo Island so close! My 50th is 2 years away and I have absolutely NO CLUE what to do – I’m not a party person either …

    Oh, and all the best people have their birthdays in January – just sayin’ 😉 .

  3. Oooh I love this….I turn 50 in a couple of months time too and have no idea what to do either. Was thinking of a party but have friends scattered all over the place so that would make it hard. I’m thinking something low key instead.

  4. Happy birthday, Nikki!! That birthday sounds absolutely perfect. I’m not one for big shindigs for my birthdays either. An intimate event with a couple of loved ones is my idea of a great birthday. Glad you had an awesome time. #teamIBOT

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