Wedding Present Ideas That You Can All Put In For

At the ripe old age of 19 Miss WW has already been to two weddings in the last few months. She has a lot of friends that are well in to their twenty’s and are heading down the aisle.

Finding the perfect outfit and accessories only took a quick trip to the shops and it was done.

Finding a fabulous wedding present was not so easy.

Most of her friends are all Uni students who work part-time, just like her so they don’t have hundreds of dollars spare to splash out on expensive gifts and buying something cheap and nasty was not a suitable option either.

On both occasions they decided to pool their funds and buy something worthwhile.

Finding a wonderful wedding present was no easy task as both of these couples already lived together and had their households set up. This is such a common occurrence these days making it really hard to find something that has a ‘wow’ factor.

Having a gift personalised makes it extra special for the happy couple. Here are some of the great gift idea’s that I discovered at Personalised Favours who specialise in creating unique gifts!


personalised bride and groom name plaque

This special piece will take pride of place in their home for years to come and wont be hidden away in the cupboard to be forgotten about. You could arrange to have it on display on the bridal party table or on a table for guests to see as they arrive at the reception. You can also just get their initials if you would like something a bit smaller.

mr and mrs embroidered bath robes

This present will be perfect for the newly weds to take away on their honeymoon and will be a welcome addition to their bathroom for years to come. Nothing beats a fluffy bathrobe for a touch of luxury in everyday life.

personalised wedding wine glasses

Forget about a boring box of wine glasses. These crystal stem filled ones will be a fun reminder of their wedding day and will grace their dinner table at all the special events they will celebrate together in the years ahead.

personalised wedding vase

There will be no excuses for forgetting the date of their wedding with a personalised vase on display. If the bride is not using fresh flowers for her bouquet, this would be a lovely way to have them permanently on display at home.


* Check and double check that the spelling of their names is correct.

* Do you want to use their real names or nicknames? Some people are so well known by their nickname that it might be a better choice.

* Have at least 2 other people proof read the copy that is sent to you before production for spelling and date errors.

* For some items you have a choice of different colour options, if you are not sure of what would be the best choice, get in touch with family or other friends that may be able to guide you in the right direction.

Have you received a personalised gift that you still have today?

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