An Easy Way To Get Medical Help For Kids After Hours

Why do kids always get sick at night or on the weekends or even better on a public holiday?

I have lost count the number of times we have had to go to the hospital at unreasonable o’clock as I was not comfortable waiting till a more respectable hour to get medical attention.

In the past there have been trips to the Holy Spirit Emergency which cost a few hundred dollars for a visit, there have been visits to the Prince Charles where you have to wait your turn.

Today we did things differently, we used a home doctor service for the first time!

Miss WW is no little kid anymore, at 19 she is past all those naughty little infections and nasties that can hit a young one in a flash.

But, she is still one of my babies and when either girl is not well I have to take action and get them on the path to wellness.

Miss WW has not been feeling well all week. She was at a party on Saturday night when a nasty bug bit her 4 times on the forearm and it grew into a huge welt. Spending the next few days with headaches and dizziness she took herself to the GP who thought she must be having an allergic reaction to the bite.

Yesterday at work she almost fainted which is so unlike her, but then came good.

We were out this morning and when we got home she was getting changed and she comes to me very disturbed as there is a red patch full of little blisters on her back.

National Home Doctor Service

I have had this magnet sitting on my fridge for months and the girls laughed at me when I put it up there.

Obviously her symptoms did not require emergency assistance, but as it was a Saturday and her GP would not be available until Monday, I was not happy about leaving her without seeing a doctor for 2 days.

I got on the phone and booked an appointment.

You join the que for the available doctors so the exact time of arrival is unknown.

It took about 1 1/2 hours to get a call that they were almost at our house.

The GP that came was absolutely lovely and it only took a quick glance to advise us that Miss WW has shingles.

We got a script for anti-viral’s that will have her non-infectious in 48 hours. Thankfully we have a chemist about 10 minutes away that is always open.

I know a few people that have had shingles and they have been very sick with it. So far Miss WW is doing well and has not yet had a massive breakout of spots. Fingers crossed she gets through this as well as she got through the Chicken Pox when she was a little girl.

This magnet is staying on the fridge, I was so impressed with their service and it is completely free, bulk billed to Medicare.


Please do not rely on this service if your child is really unwell, call an ambulance, as the wait time could be an issue. It certainly is the perfect solution though for same day treatment and peace of mind. They operate after 4pm each weekday, on weekends and thankfully public holidays!

Pop their number in your phone, it might just be the perfect solution for your family one day.

The house does smell lovely at the moment as she is keeping the site dowsed in pure Lavender essential oil to help stop the itching and reduce the risk of scarring.

Have you used this service before?

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7 thoughts on “An Easy Way To Get Medical Help For Kids After Hours

  1. I haven’t used this service before but I have heard of them. They sound like such a great idea. I hope Miss 19 is well on the road to recovery now.

    Leaving some fairy wishes and butterfly kisses from #teamIBOT

    1. I am so glad I kept that fridge magnet, it is much nicer waiting at home than sitting at the hospital 🙂

  2. So great that these options are actually available.
    In our small town, the hospital actually employs no doctors, and they come from the clinic, so you either go to the clinic or the hospital, and go from there. It’s quite odd.

  3. Yep, they are fantastic. Great for those times when somebody gets sick over the weekend, not quite emergency room stuff, but need antibiotics or similar ASAP and can’t wait to see a doctor on Monday (eg for tonsilitis or urinary tract infections).

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