How To Find Your Perfect Foundation Colour

If you are anything like me you have wasted plenty of money on foundations that are simply not the right colour.

Foundation is supposed to provide a flawless finish to your skin and to do this effectively you need the perfect shade.

Not too light and not too dark, but as little bear said ‘just right’.

How to find the perfect foundation

Two of these are perfect, 3 of them not even close, and there is more hiding in my makeup drawer!

Venturing into a store all lit up with unnatural light does not make it easy to choose foundation. What seems like a good match at the time, fails miserably when you apply it in natural light.

One of the easiest ways to find your perfect fit, it to get some expert advice.

Head in to your local Myer or David Jones and go to any of the big make-up companies and get the staff to help you select your ideal colour.

You don’t need to buy if you are worried about your budget, but the important part is to walk away with the shade/number code they suggest. Don’t be afraid to ask for a sample that you can try at home.

Once you are in possession of this vital piece of information you can us Temptalia’s Foundation Matrix to discover the perfect substitute for practically any brand. This site is worth it’s weight in gold as you will never buy the wrong colour again.

One of the things I really dislike about the cosmetics industry is their need to discontinue your favourite product just as you have fallen in love with it.

The Foundation Matrix has stored in it’s files lots of foundations that are no longer in production. So as long as you know the name and colour you used to love, use this wicked tool to find replacement options.

If you don’t have a Myer or David Jones close by and have to rely on sampling foundations at a chemist or somewhere similar, do the testing on the underside of your forearm, this is usually the closest match to your face. Applying it to the back of your hand is often the go-to spot but our hands see so much sun they are usually darker than your face.

Have fun finding your perfect shade and don’t forget a makeup brush or beauty blender sponge will make your foundation go on sooo much better than your fingers!

What is your favourite foundation?

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