My Favourite Online Magazines

Glossy magazines and I are good friends. I just love them.

Reality check, they are not good for the bank balance or our dwindling forests!

Eighteen months ago I won a subscription to ‘O’ Magazine, Oprah’s monthly mag through Zinio. I almost missed out on my prize because I used to be rather slack in checking my junk mail folder.

When my free 12 month subscription was up I received lot’s of invitations to re-new. One day I got the offer to end all offers. A 12 month sub for $6.95 total. Well I jumped on that ASAP. That is less than a single issue of just about every magazine on the shelf in Australia.

For everyday magazines both Australian and International you can’t go past the value offered by Zinio. There is a Zinio app for IPads or you can subscribe via your PC. (Not sponsored)


The O Magazine


This magazine is full of inspiration and practical life tips, which is what made Oprah famous in the first place. I do like to know what our next season of fashion and colour trends will hold and because we are the opposite season to the US, a few months down the track we get what they have got!


Slowly but surely I am beginning to adjust to flipping pages on my IPad rather than the glossy print variety.

I have found some truly delightful magazines that are only available as an online option.

 A quick search through the Newsstand app will open up a wide variety of options that you would not discover at the newsagent.


Happiness + Wellbeing Magazine 

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An absolute fav of mine! A pictorial wonderland of all things good and wholesome. Very inspirational and all the articles are short and sweet. A lovely blend of Australian and International contributors, so I have discovered things I have never heard of before. I got a subscription special of $9.95 for 12 months a little while ago.

Mollie Makes


This magazine is a little online crafty haven. Great projects with excellent instructions. No matter what sort of crafting appeals to you, there will be something in here that you will find interesting



If journaling, painting, scrap booking or the like is up your alley this is the one for you. If you know what Washi tape is you will feel right at home flipping though this one.


I tend to stockpile magazines and then sit down occasionally and have a big clean out. I tear out recipes I want to try or cut out pictures and words that would be great for my vision board.

Obviously with online magazines you can’t do this. What I have been doing is taking a screen shot of a recipe or similar so that it is stored on my IPad for quick access instead of having to flip through issue after issue looking for that fabulous brownie I want to make.

Carrying my IPad with me is so much easier than lugging a pile of magazines. I can read a few issues when I have a little spare time no matter where I am.

Slowly but surely I am embracing this technology but I do still shout myself a mag for old times sake!

Have you got any online mags that I need to know about?

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13 thoughts on “My Favourite Online Magazines

  1. Thanks for the tip, Nikki. I haven’t embraced online magazines yet but I know it’s a sign of the times…and if I can get to grip with e-books, I can do the same with e-magazines…I guess!

  2. I actually found out recently that my library gives me free zinio magazines!! I know – crazy! And it is all the popular titles too so I am really happy about that because I love magazines but can’t afford to buy them all the time. I’m new to e-mags though so still getting used to that side of it.

  3. I have only read a handful of magazines online and I don’t mind it, especially the interactivity that is built in to it. I just don’t have time to read magazines anymore, and if I’m completely honest then I would rather read a book than a magazine when I get the chance, only because I don’t get near enough time to read these days as I would like!

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