Why You Should Check Your Junk Mail Folder!

Junk mail folders are a great invention. They are designed to keep spam out of your email feed, and I really do not need to see 1000’s of Canadian pharmacy ads that hit my inbox every day!

It is so easy to hit ’empty’ and watch all those spam emails disappear into cyber space heaven.

Occassionally though your email provider will get it wrong, and a gem of an email will be missed. Just like it almost did this morning. With over 300 email in my junk folder I was just about to permanently delete them, but decided to have a quick glance, just in case.

Thankfully I did, or I would have missed an email from Toddlers On Tour to let me know I had won a online magazine subscription competition she had running on her blog. Thank you Sally-Ann, I am looking forward to receiving O – The Oprah Magazine.


Being a magazine addict, this was an awesome prize to win. I often pick up O magazine from the library and have really enjoyed reading it, but the copies are quite old, so now I get the brand new ones to enjoy. I have never subscribed to a magazine online, so this is a great way to discover if I can cope without having the glossy pages in my hands. 🙂

Everyday before you clear your junk mail folder, have a quick glance to make sure that you are not missing out on some wonderful or imporant news.

Do you ever check your junk mail folder?

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