Tips for communicating with your teenager

Tips for communicating with your teenager

Are you having difficulty communicating with your teenager? It might comfort you to know that you are not alone and parents all over the world are finding it even more difficult to communicate with their teenagers. In this age of technological wonder it is becoming difficult for younger and older parents to communicate with their teenage children. From game stations, television, mobile phones and the internet it is a wonder that teenagers have not begun to speak their own language ‘#totes’. While it may seem like a winless battle communicating with your teenager is not impossible. You don’t have to learn computer programming, downloading all the latest mobile apps is not necessary and dressing up in trending clothing is not required!


The ‘selfie’ generation!

Knowing yourself and your partner will be your greatest asset…

Your teenage is a result of the love between both you and your partner and in saying this, your teenager will have qualities and attributes evident in both of you. Study your teenager and see how they react to problems, if they react more like your partner than take advantage of the ways that you have learned to deal with communication issues with your partner. If they have similar behaviors to yourself, it is best to get your partner to instigate ways they have dealt with your behaviour in the past effectively.

Teenagers essentially have the same problems as you did…

It does not matter what decade you were a teenager, the same problems and concerns exist; growing up, puberty, love life, social hierarchy and school work. Think how you got through your teenage years, relate to your teenager in a way that still establishes your authority as a parent. Speak calm and with sympathy, never scald or act irrationally if you hear something you don’t want to hear because next time you ask what’s wrong they probably won’t want to tell you anything.

Remain calm and level headed…

If your teenager is refusing to do their homework keeping calm is the best policy, shouting can cause unnecessary stress, drama and can wedge distrust in your relationship with your teenager. Instead, offer your assistance, give them a dose of reality or sit them down to discuss the real problem.

Your teenager is no longer a child…

Teenage years indicate the transition from childhood to adulthood and many teenagers will advance into adulthood earlier than most parents are willing to accept. Respect that your teenager is a young adult, treat them as such. Speaking to them with respect will direct your conversations much more effectively than if you were to treat them as a child.

Learn more about your teenager…

Learning more about your teenager can help you get a better understanding of their personality and in turn, enlightenment into how you can re-establish communications with your teenager. This will help you stay connected with them in things that interest them. There are many ways to do this; schedule time together and let them choose what to do, take them to coffee or join them on the couch for movie time. A different idea is to use It’s In The Stars astrology reports to help you learn more about your teen. Fun, out of the box activities like this are great discussion points between you and your teen.

So there we have it. Implementing these simple and helpful tips could help you better understand and communicate with your teenager. Do you have any more ideas? Feel free to leave a comment below.

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