Will You Take The Pepsi Next Challenge?

I love a challenge, and this one was really easy, Pepsi Next ticked all the right boxes, BUT would it taste good??


What little bit of water was there is crystal clear, but only deep enought to wet your toes!

Getting two teens off the lounge, away from their modern technological contraptions and out into nature -now that can be a real challenge!

Actually my girls are pretty good, they enjoy the outdoors, they love water, and when I tempted them with a picnic by the creek, they were happy to come along.

We live in suburbia, but only 5 minutes from home is a natural creek. When it has been raining it is a really fun place to visit and you can paddle around in the water. As Brisbane is suffering from a severe lack of the wet stuff, the creek was home to tadpoles, but not swimmable.


Getting comfy!

When it comes to soft drink, my girls are pretty fussy and know their stuff. Normal soft drink is loaded with a ton of sugar and the diet varieties are loaded with aspartame. Neither are good options so only occassionally do we have them in the house. Both girls are heavily into ‘Physie’ which requires them to dance in nothing more than a leotard, tights, fake tan and big hair. Nothing else to hide behind. Bonus for me, they are very concious of what they eat and drink. There are no diets in our house, but they know that what they eat will go with them on to the physie floor, so they make their own informed choices.

Pepsi Next is the next generation of Cola.  It has the great taste of regular cola but with NATURALLY LESS SUGAR.  Actually it has 30% less sugar but the really important message is that we have been able to do this naturally, thanks to using Stevia.   Pepsi Next is the first Cola in Australia to use Stevia.”  This is a huge step in the right direction. Less sugar and no artificial sweetner. Winning!

So does it taste good?

Miss WW (Jnr) was already a big fan, Miss WW (Snr) was hesitant but took the plunge and was very surprised. It does not leave that nasty after taste that accompanies ‘diet’ soft drink, but is not rediculously sweet. Another vote in favour. Our guest does soft drink in a big way and certainly had no complaints. Doing very well so far.

The toughest nut to crack though is me! A coke addict from WAY back, who only very occassionally allows herself a glass of the real thing and will not have diet soft drink as the body won’t do artificialy sweetner without kicking and screaming……..another vote from me. It tastes great, icy cold it was lovely and refreshing on a hot afternoon.


Normally a lovely flowing stream, but not at the moment!

Pepsi Next is a good choice for a cool refreshing drink with a lot less sugar, certainly a better choice for my family.


Would you like an 8 pack of Pepsi Next delivered to your front door and take the taste challenge?

Simply leave a comment about why you would like to take the Pepsi Next challenge and I will have Miss WW (jnr) select a winner, the old fashioned way!  🙂   (Open to Australian residents only) – Competition closes on Friday 8 March at 8.00pm.

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(I was sent a product pack from Pepsi for my editorial consideration) Thanks 🙂

** Update – Congratulations Emily, your pack of Pepsi Next will be delivered to you shortly!

8 thoughts on “Will You Take The Pepsi Next Challenge?

  1. My husband is addicted to soft drinks and I’m trying to, very meanly, wean him off. This could be a huge step in the right direction for us!

  2. We don’t have soft drink much in the house, but I love having the occasional coke, but don’t love the sugar that it has. I usually go for zero coke. I have tried pepsi next and don’t mind it, but haven’t bought it again, thanks for the reminder that it is out there 🙂

  3. My husband has been trying to cut down his soft drinks for me as I’m trying to lose weight. I think this would be the perfect “thanks for being so supportive but here is a little treat for you”. He would be so excited (and it got less sugar so it won’t hurt the diet that much!!)

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